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Subject: Website to unite sighted guides and VI/Blind runners

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Dear VI/Blind & Sighted Guided Running Friends,


United in Stride was founded in 2015 by the Massachusetts Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired (MABVI) as a tool to unite runners who are blind or visually impaired with sighted guides across North America. We hope this resource eases the challenge of finding sighted guides close to home, or when traveling to another part of the country for vacation or a race. We believe that a robust, interactive sighted guide database will create more opportunities for the next generation of visually impaired runners.
Please unite with us by sharing this resource with others who share your passion to run and volunteer, and with those who want to share the sport they love with someone who would not otherwise be able to participate. Together, we can make sure that blind and visually impaired runners always have access to a training guide when needed. And they will know that running outdoors is no longer an obstacle, allowing them to continue to push themselves as hard as any sighted runner, and prove that “disability” does not mean “inability”!


If you have already created a profile on United in Stride, this email just serves as a reminder to continue to spread the word! In the first two weeks, we had 237 profiles created. People are already making connections!


What can you do to help?


By helping me, you will be helping yourself, and will be creating opportunities for the next generation of visually impaired runners and sighted guides. This is what I need each one of you to do if you reside in the USA or Canada. Our overseas friends can create profiles if they travel to the USA and need a training partner during their visit.


1.      Go to  <http://www.unitedinstride.com/> www.unitedinstride.com. Create a profile. Please note that you will not be a registered user until you activate your account by following the instructions on the subsequent email from United in Stride. If you don’t see an email, wait for a while and then check your Spam folder.

2.      Share this resource with your VI friends and VI social network.

3.      Share this resource with current and past sighted guides you have ran with.

4.      Ask your local blindness agency to link this resource on their website. Educate them about the purpose of the site. I’m personally going to contact agencies nationwide, as a volunteer myself, to ask the same. A request from a local will go much further. The ultimate goal here is to get more VI/Blind folks outdoors power walking, jogging, and running! We need the resources in place to make this possible.

5.      When people ask you how to get involved, tell them to register an account with United in Stride.

6.      At races or group runs, remember to tell people to chick out United in Stride if they are interested in being a sighted guide.


This website was purposely created as a resource for individuals and adaptive sport programs. Our intent is to unite blind runners and sighted guides and to unite with organizations who serve our community with passion and purpose. As United in Stride succeeds, we hope membership of visually impaired and blind athletes grow exponentially in clubs and programs closer to home.


Finally,  remember to consider registering for the visually impaired division of the California International Marathon. Last year we had 45 visually impaired runners take part from 17 states and 3 Canadian provinces. It is highly inspiring and moving to be a part of this event and I take pride in making it logistically friendly for my VI/Blind peers. It’s also a great place to network and to qualify for Boston!


Thankful to serve you all,

Richard Hunter

RP Ironman, Ultra Runner & Marathoner

 <mailto:rhunter988 at att.net> rhunter988 at att.net

(916) 764-0258


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