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I confirmed with Melinda Wetzel. The deadline for applications is
tomorrow. It must be postmarked by then. Send to:

Melinda Wetzel
Department of Rehabilitation 
Personnel Services Section
721 Capitol Mall 
Sacramento, Ca 95814
Phone: 916-558-5659

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The contact staff member listed on the job vacancy site is:

Melinda Wetzel
Melinda.A.Wetzel at dor.ca.gov

I would contact her with your question ASAP, as my understanding is that
the application period may close today.

Good luck! 


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I just saw this today and completed the SSA examination, printed, and
filled out the application.  I can?t find the address where I should
submit it however.  Am I supposed to apply to the specific district I?m
interested in, or is there one submission address for all applicants
regardless of location?  Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.



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