[Nfbc-info] local blind women with tumors

Lauren Merryfield lauren at catlines.com
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The two things that helped me were that I already knew braille anc cane
travel, so I did not have to start from scratch like some who go from being
sighted to becoming blind. I was already blind, but lost light and color
perception. If these ladies need to learn braille and cane travel, now would
be a good time. 

The other important thing was that more than one blind person assured me I
would not be stuck/trapped  "in the dark." I was sometimes afraid of the
dark when I could see it. I was told I would "see" a kind of twilight which
is between light and dark, which was accurate for me. 

I also used to strain and strain to try to see things I just couldn't. I
don't have to worry about that anymore. 

The first time I used a circular staircase after my right eye was removed I
panicked. My sister went up ahead of me and we went back down and reclimbed
them a few times until I was no longer afraid. That was at a state NFB
convention where there was lots of support and that made a huge difference
for me.

Hope that helps them.

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This afternoon I called our chapter members. I learned that one of our
members has a tumor. There's the possibility the tumor could destroy the
optic nerve. The second woman used to be a member when she lived in San
Diego. Recently, she relocated to the L. A. area. Her situation is similar.


The first woman seems able to  deal with the possibility of losing any
remaining sight. On the other hand, the second woman is really emotionally
struggling. If you can relate to these woman please briefly share anything
that might help the women, especially the second woman. You are also welcome
to email off list. 


Lisa Irving

Peacefulwoman89 at cox.net 

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