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I know there people, seniors, living here who have less money coming than I do, because the complex has a food program that I just barely did not qualify for. Whether they are on Section 8 or not, I do not know. It is a nice complex; just an ill-informed, extremely high-strung manager. 

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> Debbie's behavior and conduct toward you and the NFB chapter is full of ADA violations as well as potential Fair Housing violations. Most likely her concerns about liability on the part of the management company will backfire on her as well. I'll do some checking and see what I can find about the chain of management of the complex as that is most likely not something you would fine on Google and it would probably need to be found through the corporations registry of the California Secretary of State. Another question is whether your complex has people living there with any type of rent subsidy through Section 8 or any other type of program. hope this helps.
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>> Hi,
>> I am not altogether clear about what is considered harassment; however, I am quite clear about what constitutes psychological abuse and having prejudice dumped on you.
>> I have lived at this sr. apt complex for two years. Debbie, the manager, is sometimes friendly to me; however most of the time she is harried, anxious, and sometimes insulting.
>> Several times, she informs me that neighbors and the management above her do not like what is out on my patio. They didn't like the cardboard boxes, 

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