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If this isn't discrimination, I don't know what is. When I moved down to 
Moreno Valley back in January, Sarah & I rented a house down there. I knew 
from the 1st time I met the owner of the house that she didn't want to rent 
to me. She asked all kinds of questions about my health ETC. She was very 
nosy & would show up unannounced & want to barge in. She thought she was a 
helphlep help, but in my oppinion, all she was was a burden & a person who 
was trying to find out any way she could get wrid of us.

Again, as I have written many times before on this list serve, we have to 
continue educating the public about the fact that we can & will do anything. 
We have more capabilities than most people think. You would think in today's 
world this kind of a thing wouldn't still be happening.

Good luck in this. I hope things can get settled.

Rob Kaiser
rcubfank at sbcglobal.net
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> Hi,
> I am not altogether clear about what is considered harassment; however, I 
> am quite clear about what constitutes psychological abuse and having 
> prejudice dumped on you.
> I have lived at this sr. apt complex for two years. Debbie, the manager, 
> is sometimes friendly to me; however most of the time she is harried, 
> anxious, and sometimes insulting.
> Several times, she informs me that neighbors and the management above her 
> do not like what is out on my patio. They didn't like the cardboard boxes, 
> so I repacked some items into plastic bins. I covered them with a tarp to 
> protect them from the rain that we are not getting. I made sure my stuff 
> did not show above the wooden latice fence on my patio. I have been told 
> by friends that other patios have stuff on them; not just mine.  She also 
> complained about the blinds, which the cats have bent.
> One day Debbie insisted on coming over, with the maintenance man. She was 
> on the war path. She yelled about how my home was unsafe for me because 
> things were not totally neat and organized. She said cat toys on the floor 
> were a hazard for me. She said, more than once, that I should not be 
> living alone. When they let me sign a lease, they assumed I had family and 
> friends who would act as caregivers. It never occurred to her that I would 
> do as much alone as I do. She said this was dangerous for me and could be 
> a safety issue for them. She has not said the words "insurance liability" 
> but it is written in the threads of what she says--that she says loudly, 
> by the way--I'm deaf, too???
> There have been several of these tirades In my usual way, I don't say much 
> of anything while she rants I do eventually say that all of that is not my 
> reality and I thik what she is saying could be illegal. She seems quite 
> unaware of the ADA.
> She had her boss, Chris, come into my apt one time, but that backfired on 
> her. He said he was not concerned about the blinds. Cats do that. Blinds 
> are not expensive to replace. He saw my clutter and said he collected a 
> lot of stuff, too, and that it was just stuff; it would not harm anyone.
> Tuesday evening, the Canes and Tails chapter met in or clubhouse. Debbie 
> said she would keep a door unlocked and we could have the clubhouse to 
> ourselves that night. When I got there, the place was locked up. I left 
> her a message. In the meantime, I called the maintenance guy who came to 
> let me in. Debbie showed up at the same time.
> When chapter members arrived, Debbie went into war path mode again. She 
> said she had no idea that everyone coming would be blind! She said we 
> needed to have at least one sighted person to help us get around, etc. We 
> told her we could find our way around just fine. I did knock a shelf down, 
> which she blew up in importance. I mean, it did no damage; it hurt no one, 
> and any sighted person could have done the same or worse. She did not go 
> home. She decided to stay and do some work (and babysit us).
> At one point, my phone rang, meowing as it does. Debbie shot out of her 
> office, shouting, "is there a cat in here? There are no animals allowed in 
> here; not cats or dogs or anything else. We don't want fleas in here." Two 
> of our people explained that their dogs were guide dogs. She said she 
> understood that but animals were not allowed in there. To her credit, she 
> did not make them take their dogs out.
> When I got home after the meeting, Debbie called me, stating "this can 
> never happen again! If you have another meeting here, you are required to 
> have at least one sighted personon the premises. We are checking into 
> insurance to see just what we need to do to protect ourselves ..." or 
> words to that effect. I listened quietly; repeated as I have before that I 
> think the ADA is being violated, plus our dignity, but that goes in deaf 
> ears.
> Yesterday, I had left a message asking her to email Angela, our chapter 
> president. Angela wanted clarification on our needing sighted assistance 
> at our meetings. Debbie blewup and said she didn't have to say or do 
> anything for 'this Angela person" and she wasn't emailing anybody. She 
> then repeated how they are checking into insurance laws to see what they 
> can do.
> I have been telling other blind people at work and at nfb meetings about 
> the kinds of things Debbie says to me, but now, I finally have witnesses. 
> I feel embarrassed, though, that our meeting was so disrupted and we were 
> not made to feel welcome here. I felt sad for the guide dog owners whose 
> dogs were insulted and not wanted there.
> However--we are the NFB and we had our meeting, ate, laughed, shared and 
> had a good meeting. Those who were not there missed a fine meeting and the 
> drama.
> thanks,
> Lauren
> ps:I tried to Google management above Debbie but the only contact info 
> listed is the phone number she answers to and the address. I know there 
> are people above her and we need to find out who they are and their 
> contact info. Why Google didn't have that listed, I don't know. I hope 
> someone can help us find out. This stuff cannot be let go.
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