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Hi Frida,

By chance, is your health provider affiliated with Kaiser? What is this
phone app that lets you read medical info? 

Thank you for your helpful comments. 


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Good morning Everyone.

I am writing this while I still have it fresh on my mind:

In March, at my doctor's office, I was given a bunch of papers which I read
with my computer scanner.

A paper said that I was not given an access code to access my medical

After doing research, I called the given number and I was given an access

Then, I went to the MyChart link, and to an app on the iPhone and iPad
called MyChart. It worked perfectly well!

It may be somewhat different for other health insurances.

 From my prospective, the developers created the website to be accessible
and to be used with a screen reader. I didn't encounter any problems in

The MyChart app also worked fine on my iPhone and iPad, and it didn't matter
that my iPhone is an earlier model.

The app was rated three stars when It should have been four and a half which
I believe is the highest rating an app can get.

Go figure.


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