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  This is a great topic you bring up, and I thank you for  doing so.

 In my experience  I have encountered all of what you have mentioned.  Sometimes I have to sit near the front of  the bus and ask the driver   every so often what stop is coming up, sometimes I ask a fellow passenger  that  I might be seated next to, sometimes I use a landmark  such as a turn the bus makes or a hill the bus goes down, and   other times I might use an app such as  blind square that tells me  streets I’m crossing.

 I obviously can’t speak to the  resolution and the progress that may have been made on it, but I can suggest tools that I might use to work within the current system such as the ones just mentioned.
 Maybe others might have a few different thoughts and ideas? I hope that helps.
 On Apr 17, 2016, at 6:14 PM, Lisa Irving via Nfbc-info <nfbc-info at nfbnet.org> wrote:
> Hello, 
> Perhaps some of you have had an experience, or multiple experiences, where
> you have requested that the bus driver call out a particular stop and either
> the announcement wasn't discernable or the transit operator forgot. If you
> live in a major city them maybe some or all of the bus stop announcements
> are automated. In San Diego we have a combination of some automated
> announcements; ADA stops, and some stops called out by bus drivers when
> requested. Maybe you count stops. This works if the bus stops at all of the
> stops. Maybe you ask a passenger. This works if that person shares a common
> language with you. Maybe, most of the time, it's no big deal if you're let
> off at the stop before or after your stop. However, all of these variables
> can be problematic at one time or another. 
> When 27 years of group advocacy; letter writing; participating in public
> meetings and meeting with administration hasn't resolved the issue then
> what's left? I wrote a resolution which was passed by the California
> affiliate, however, it appears as though it has not been acted upon. I
> really don't know what else to do. I'd appreciate your thoughts. I'd also
> appreciate it if we as an affiliate could address this issue that likely
> occurs up and down the state. Your thoughts??? 
> From,
> Lisa Irving  
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