[Nfbc-info] A question about calling companies that use a dialin system

Portia Mason knitangelpm at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 1 16:50:37 UTC 2016

Today for example I had to call my prepaid card for some information.

I needed to put in my card number but it would not allow me enough time to
finish inputting my information.

Is there a way to bring this to a Legislator to fix the problem?

I figure I would ask this as there are several of these companies and not
only credit card companies but even my company I have my cellular service
with. You have to do things by voice which irritates me.

I am raising this as I know many of you probably deal with this as well.

Plus, when you call sometimes the voice quality of talking to a rep is not

I am deaf blind and no matter how loud I put my phone, I still sometimes
can't hear.

So, both of these should be addressed.

If I am in the wrong, plese let me know.

Thank you!



Pico Rivera, CA

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