[Nfbc-info] {Spam?} iPhone and Recent Updates

Chad Allen chad at chadallenmagic.com
Wed Aug 10 17:50:11 UTC 2016

Greetings NFBC,

	Recently, there was an update to the iPhone. It’s iOS 9.3.4, I updated yesterday. 

	First, it seems buggy. One problem in particular is one in regards phone calls. Sometimes, when I receive a call, Voice Over will not allow me to either End the call or interface with the screen at all. 

	If I Mute and Unmute, the call, I can trick Voice Over into responding again. It’s not one hundred percent, but in that kind of situation, I’ll try anything I can to make it respond normally. 

	This latest version seems to be more problematic than the previous update. I am now also unable to interface with the Low Battery screen either. It basically, freezes my phone completely until I plug the phone back in to charge. Not good. 

	My question is whether other folks experience this kind of bug and second, is there a fix? I’ve called Apple support a couple of times and intend to do again. Squeaky wheel gets the grease. 



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