[Nfbc-info] {Spam?} iPhone and Recent Updates

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Chad and others,
I have had one problem, so far, with the new update. On the My Music screen, navigating is difficult at best. Using the headings setting from the roter isn't as effective as it was previously.


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Greetings NFBC,

	Recently, there was an update to the iPhone. It’s iOS 9.3.4, I updated yesterday. 

	First, it seems buggy. One problem in particular is one in regards phone calls. Sometimes, when I receive a call, Voice Over will not allow me to either End the call or interface with the screen at all. 

	If I Mute and Unmute, the call, I can trick Voice Over into responding again. It’s not one hundred percent, but in that kind of situation, I’ll try anything I can to make it respond normally. 

	This latest version seems to be more problematic than the previous update. I am now also unable to interface with the Low Battery screen either. It basically, freezes my phone completely until I plug the phone back in to charge. Not good. 

	My question is whether other folks experience this kind of bug and second, is there a fix? I’ve called Apple support a couple of times and intend to do again. Squeaky wheel gets the grease. 



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