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FYI, please note: NCUEB certification will be considered in place of NLS certification.

R-3385   Reference # 5229463

Posting Date: August 16, 2016

AIDB is sensitive to the needs of individuals who are Blind or Visually Impaired and/or Deaf or Hard of Hearing and for qualified applicants and employees will make reasonable accommodations.

POSITION:     Braille Instructor (260 Day Program)

                       Structured Discovery Program / Office of Field Services, Birmingham Regional Center


*	Must have obtained a bachelor's degree in Vision Rehabilitation
Therapy or related field; certification in teaching of the visually impaired; or have documentation of at least one year of successful experience in teaching Braille.


*	Must have successfully completed a Structured Discovery Program and
demonstrate knowledge of the Structured Discovery philosophy and means by which Braille instruction is integrated into core curriculum components.
*	Must know how to read the Braille code and how to write Braille
using a slate and stylus.
*	Must demonstrate competency in Braille by scoring 90% on the AIDB
Braille Skills Assessment within the first 120 days of employment.
*	Must obtain the Library of Congress National Library Service in
Unified English Braille Transcriber Certification within twelve (12) months of employment date.
*	Must have a demonstrated good past attendance record.
*	Must illustrate the ability to establish and maintain effective
working relationships with staff; consumers and their families; program graduates; peer Braille instructors; advisory groups;  and agencies such as the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services along with contemporary Structured Discovery Programs.
*	Must demonstrate maturity, self-motivation and the ability to
exercise sound judgment.
*	Must illustrate outstanding oral, written, and interpersonal
communication skills.
*	Must either possess or develop an understanding of cultures and
needs of persons who are deaf, blind or deafblind, ensuring all actions and decisions demonstrate a respect for and value of persons with sensory loss.
*	Must be computer literate and skilled in using Microsoft Office
*	The successful applicant must submit to a criminal history
background information check including, but not limited to, FBI and ABI record repositories.  Upon offer of employment, the applicant must present a non-refundable fee of $49.65 and appear for scheduled fingerprinting appointment.


*	Conduct Braille student pre/post assessments, focusing on the
Structured Discovery student's long/short-term needs grounded in nonvisual techniques; cognitive problem solving; and concerted strategies for clarifying attitudes and raising expectations surrounding blindness.
*	Based on said assessment and continued evaluation, provide
individualized Braille instruction and consultation for Structured Discovery Program participants.
*	Prepare lesson plans inclusive of sequential and meaningful
instruction geared to the student's assessed needs; Individualized Employment Plan and/or Personal Futures Plan; functioning and motivational levels.
*	Prepare and use equipment and materials for the development of
Braille skills, following the Structured Discovery curricula and philosophy.

*	Integrate other Structured Discovery curricula core components
(Orientation & Mobility, Assistive Technology, Independent Living, Residential Living, etc.) into lessons and Braille tasks.
*	Participate in cross-training in other Structured Discovery
curricula core components (Orientation & Mobility, Assistive Technology, Independent Living, Residential Living).
*	Document Structured Discovery participant attendance and progress
daily in written reports.
*	Manage an orderly classroom conducive to learning.
*	Use Gentry Referral Information Net (GRIN), maintaining student
progress and monthly reports.
*	Provide in-service to AIDB and Structured Discovery staff as needed.
*	Participate in Structured Discovery Strategic Planning to provide a
continuum of services aligning with AIDB's efforts to design innovative instructional programs to meet the unique and changing education and rehabilitation needs of students, consumers and families.
*	Educate through marketing/public relations to enhance/expand
Structured Discovery.
*	Participate in departmental, inner-agency and campus-wide
faculty/committee meetings,  state/national meetings, workshops, presentations, conferences and consumer groups, sharing information and best practice methodology to internal/external audiences.
*	Review/update the Structured Discovery curriculum as necessary.
*	Demonstrate professionalism in behavior and dress that serves as a
role model, setting a good example for Structured Discovery participants and aligning with the AIDB culture.
*	Perform other duties as assigned.

SALARY: $32,898 - $48,054 Scale MR Rank 5A (HS and Structured Discovery Program Completion)

                 $35,404 - $53,696 Scale MR Rank 5B (BS- Class B

                 $37,082 - $56,201 Scale MR Rank 5M (MS- Class A

                 (260 Days)

Direct deposit is required.

This is an exempt position, and is  not subject to overtime and/or compensatory time provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act.


This position is funded by a grant award, funded by revenue generated, necessary for compliance or provides direct service delivery.

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