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Dear Chapter and Division Presidents:
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Dear New Member:

My name is Sharon Maneki and I am the president of the National Federation of the Blind of Maryland. I’d like to offer an analogy to explain my view of what the National Federation of the Blind is. So here is a warm welcome from the meat in the sandwich of the National Federation of the Blind

The NFB is similar to a sandwich because it has several levels. The foundation of the sandwich is made up of the local chapters. The meat, or the substance in the middle, consists of the state affiliates, and the top of the sandwich is the national organization.   Just as a sandwich would be incomplete without any of these parts, our organization depends on all of these parts working together.

The meat of the sandwich (the middle level) depends on both parts, but adds its own flavor; state affiliates receive guidance and advice from the national level and help the national level carry out our mission through legislative initiatives, public education and other programs. The state affiliate helps the grassroots or local chapter levels with resources and assistance in bringing our message of hope to blind people. Local chapters make it possible for the state affiliate to function. The NFB, like a sandwich, is a united organization even though it has several layers. We are effective because we have synergy- meaning that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

A sandwich is a source of nourishment and enjoyment. You will find that the same is true of the NFB. Throughout my almost forty years in the NFB, I have found the organization to be a great source of information. I have had many opportunities to grow as a person, both as a member of local chapters’ and by serving as a state affiliate president. The organization provides a chance to serve, to learn leadership skills, and to interact with interesting, vivacious people throughout the nation. I am sure that you will have a similar experience and that you will make many new, lifelong friends.  

If I could suggest one piece of NFB literature for you to read, it would be Competing on terms of equality by Dr. Jernigan. The link will take you to the digital edition of one of our Kernel Books, The Freedom Bell, where the speech was reprinted. I believe it is a great speech that will give you a glimpse of Federation philosophy.

We need you to join with us to make systemic changes in policies that affect blind persons. If you want the chance to really make a difference in your life and the lives of others, stick with the NFB!

Sharon Maneki, President
National Federation of the Blind of Maryland



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