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Sat May 14 20:31:32 UTC 2016

Hello again Federationists!
Do blind people have a right to know prices, and what amount is being 
deducted from our debit cards?  Do you know what accessible 
commercial washer and dryer technology is available?
Under new management, my apartment complex switched to new washers 
and dryers in our laundry room. Big front loading Speedqueens, each 
machine has 2-digital displays, and instead of Quarters, they require 
a debit card.
I kinda have the card swipe figured out, but cannot read that 
display.  It'll say things like, "Please swipe card,"  "Authorizing," 
"No Balance," and who knows what else.  I'd like that info to be 
spoken, but it's not essential.
The other display shows different prices as I select different 
washing or drying options, then it'll begin a countdown clock once 
the machine is running. I would like to know the prices, and what 
amount is being sucked out of my card account.
Are there any accessible versions of these stupid machines?
Do I have a legal right to know prices and debits before I authorize 
them?  Do I have a Legal Right to know when and how much I'm spending on what?
The vendor that we are leasing or bought these junky monsters from 
says they've never heard of such a thing.  (Wasn't there a Superbowl 
ad that showed talking appliances?)

Part of that vending company is called WashView or WaveVision, and I 
can supposedly monitor our laundry room through 
<http://www.washview.com>www.washview.com.  That's a feature for 
people who cannot tell time, I assume.   HaHaHaHeeheehaw!   Also 
seems odd that a company that calls itself "WaveVision," wouldn't put 
a little thought into nonvisual access!

To add insult to injury, a load of wash and dry used to cost 
$1.75-total.  The new machines cost me about $6-total.

Please feel free to pass this email on to others who may be helpful!

near San Diego

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