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Hello Lisa, Please send this information to Tim Elder.  California is
responsible for  monitoring  all incidents with  Uber refusing to transport
guide dogs.

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Hello All, 


A few days ago a Uber driver denied me and my guide dog a ride. I invested
almost three hours to address his behavior. Last night I learned that the
driver was suspended and would be de activated. 


Here's how I handled the issue. First, after I requested the ride I called
the driver. I identified myself as blind; explained where I was standing and
described what I was wearing. I requested  that the driver roll down his
window and call out  to me when he arrived. (There's a lot of parked and
moving cars where I live). After I received the notification that my driver
was arriving I moved near the curb. Then, I waited a minute and called the
driver. The call eventually went to voicemail where I left a short and
polite message and asked the driver to call me, -he didn't. A minute or so
later I received a ride cancelation notice. Next, I called the Uber
Emergency Number, 800 2859481. I briefly described what happened, requested
a call back from the Accessibility team and asked to have all charges
refunded. My requests were included in the email the Uber employee sent to
who I'm not sure. Later, I wrote two emails and sent themthrough two
different Uber links. The following morning Ireceived a vaguely written
email from Uber and I acknowledged the email in writing. Almost 29 hours
after the unwelcomed event I received a call from an Uber Employee.Charges
are being    refunded and I will receive a $25 credit. Hopefully, the next
ride will take place under more welcoming circumstances. 




Lisa Irving, Chapter President

NFBC, San Diego Chapter 

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