[Nfbc-info] AB 1705 - we need letters to the Governor's Office

Shannon Dillon shannonldillon at gmail.com
Mon Sep 18 19:28:20 UTC 2017

Great News!  AB-1705 has officially passed both houses.

Now it is time to draft your letter to the Governor. I will be sending out a
sample letter and his contact info sometime this week. Basically your letter
will be short and simple. You want to ask him to sign AB-1705 and write a
brief statement as to why you are asking for his signature. Tell him how
important this is to you.  You can also use language from the letters
your wrote for the different committees we wrote to as AB 1705 worked
its way through the legislature.



P.S. A group of us including representatives from CCB and Guide Dogs
for the Blind will be meeting with a rep from the governor's office
and it
would be great if you can send me copies of your letters so I can deliver
them in person when we meet.




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