[Nfbc-info] for possible game night participants

nancy Lynn seabreeze.stl at gmail.com
Sun Jan 28 17:16:04 UTC 2018

This is a question for anyone planning to come to this week’s game night.
It comes from Bonnie Blose, one of the hosts of the conference.
Because this question requires some thought, I am sending it early so that you will have adequate time to mull it over and put together your answer.

If you could give a list of ten albums you feel everyone should hear, what albums would be on your   list? If you wish to explain why you chose them or what you found your perspective was while developing your list, feel free to do so on our next game night. At that time, I will explain where this idea came from and will have my list too. Thanks. 


Bonnie Blose,  

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