[Nfbc-info] recording of MAGNETS AND LADDERS from Perkins Library

nancy Lynn seabreeze.stl at gmail.com
Sat Mar 3 04:21:49 UTC 2018

Magnets And Ladders is a semiannual publication of Behind Our Eyes, an organization of writers with disability. Here’s how you can receive it on an NLS cartridge.

            On the last day of summer of 2017, I received the digital recording of the spring/summer issue of MAGNETS AND LADDERS from the recording studios of the Perkins Library.  Thus, with the last day of winter approaching, I had been wondering if I would soon receive the fall/winter issue of M & L.  Well, late yesterday (March 1) I was delighted to receive the digital recording (on NLS-type cartridge) of the fall/winter issue of the online literary publication of Behind Our Eyes.  The recording is five hours and 53 minutes of wonderful reading, provided by talented writers.  Many and special thanks to Mary-Jo and her entire team for another outstanding issue of MAGNETS AND LADDERS!

            When these narrators from Massachusetts read our writings very smoothly with appropriate expression, we have at least one sign of the quality and readability of our poems, fiction, and nonfiction.  Congratulations to all the writers and winners of this issue!

            Although I read some of the issue via the internet website of MAGNETS AND LADDERS, I prefer to wait to hear the recording with human voices.  If you are a patron of the NLS Talking Book Program and if you would like to be on the list for the digital recording of future issues of MAGNETS AND LADDERS, you may simply call directly or leave a voice-mail message for April Codair at the Perkins Library:  telephone 1-617/972-7730.  (She is in her office on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.)  As with recorded books and magazines from the National Library Service for the Blind, the cartridge comes in a plastic mailer with a card to turn over when you are ready to mail back the cartridge to the Perkins Library.  Even if you read the issue via your computer or i-device as soon as the issue is released, you may still want to hear the recording by live narrators--a recording that, although later than we may prefer--is definitely worth the wait.

            Remember that the more people who request M & L from Perkins Library, the greater the chance that MAGNETS AND LADDERS will eventually be made available on BARD.  So, you may want to share this information with your friends who are not members of BOE, but who are patrons of NLS.

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