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Thank you for bringing this fact to light. I was unaware these hotel chains give discounts to the NRA. I am now in a bit of an ethical quandary.  I also understand that not everyone shares my ethics or perspectives. 

Lisa Irving 

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Dear all federationists,
It is disturbing to me, that we have decided to hold our national federation of the blind of California convention at  a  hotel where they give special discounts to the national rifle association, and their members. I will definitely never ever ever ever stay in a Marriott hotel, Hilton or holiday in hotel, because I hear they all give special discounts to members of the national rifle association, and as someone whom was born not far from parkland, Florida, I oppose the national rifle association. I am in favor of stricter gun laws, and banning ar15’s. I have signed a petition which is all about banning, and putting an end to    ar15’s.   I am appalled at the shooting that took place in  parkland, Florida  which is not far from Boyton Beach, Florida, which is where I was born. I will not condone the actions of that shooter, nor will I ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever stay in a  hotel that gives special discounts to members of the national rifle association.  

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