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Michael Hingson mike at michaelhingson.com
Sun May 6 21:35:48 UTC 2018

Hi Jordan,

While I appreciate and agree with your sentiments about the NRA, I think it unwise to simply boycott those hotels. After all, they are also giving us a "special discount" for holding our convention. It is a business decision, and not a political one.

While many do not like the NRA, or any specific organization our personal efforts are best used to make sure that the candidates we like are elected and the positions we personally endorse are adopted. 

Best Regards,

Michael Hingson

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Dear all federationists,
It is disturbing to me, that we have decided to hold our national federation of the blind of California convention at  a  hotel where they give special discounts to the national rifle association, and their members. I will definitely never ever ever ever stay in a Marriott hotel, Hilton or holiday in hotel, because I hear they all give special discounts to members of the national rifle association, and as someone whom was born not far from parkland, Florida, I oppose the national rifle association. I am in favor of stricter gun laws, and banning ar15’s. I have signed a petition which is all about banning, and putting an end to    ar15’s.   I am appalled at the shooting that took place in  parkland, Florida  which is not far from Boyton Beach, Florida, which is where I was born. I will not condone the actions of that shooter, nor will I ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever stay in a  hotel that gives special discounts to members of the national rifle association.  

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