[Nfbc-info] Looking for a state convention roommate?

Maurice Mines maurice at mauricemines.com
Fri Sep 14 00:01:26 UTC 2018

  Hello, my name is Maurice Mines,  I’ve been a member of NFB for  
quite some time now, but I am new to California. So I am looking for a 
roommate for state convention? If anybody wants to discuss how this 
might work out, please give me a call? And maybe very clear and specific 
message at 661-246-3133. This is a relay number for the deaf, because I 
am deaf blind. I will return your call just as quickly as I see your 
message. Otherwise you can write me directly off list with the subject 
line and it be of California convention, and I will read the email 
closely. And can get in touch with you. Thank you all very much for 
reading this?

Your friend in the national Federation of the blind.
Amateur station call, kd0iko.

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