[Nfbc-info] Find out what California is selling at booth D 5 during the 2019 Convention

Joy Stigile joystigile at gmail.com
Mon Jun 24 23:10:40 UTC 2019


This 2019 National Convention the California Affiliate will be located at
booth D5 selling See's Awesome Candy Bars.  Each candy bar will be selling
for $2.  The varieties will be a choice of three types:

Peanut Brittle which is covered in Milk Chocolate,  Nut and Chew which is
filled with nugget with a layer of caramel and sliced almonds sprinkled on
top and then covered in Dark Chocolate, and Walnut Squares which is pieces
of walnuts coated in Carmel then covered in Dark Chocolate.

Come on by for a little sweet treat from California while the Exhibit Hall
is open!

For more information please contact:

Joy Stigile

C 818.510.2353

joystigile at gmail.com <mailto:joystigile at gmail.com> 




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