[NFBC-Info] Final Reminder: Game Night Coming tomorrow night

nancy Lynn seabreeze.stl at gmail.com
Tue Sep 24 22:46:52 UTC 2019

The chill in the air reminds us fall is here. Cooler nights take us inside to read, watch tv, and listen to music. Have you ever noticed how quiet a home can be? Time inside does not sadden or depress me, but I know it is a time and experience not enjoyed by everyone.


As we have for more than three years, we will be getting together on September 25 for our game night. In its way, it is as much a part of life as the change from summer to fall.


If you have something you have always wondered about, join us. We answer life questions brought by anyone attending who wishes to bring them.  If you just want to join the fun, you are welcome. We play for about two or two and a half hours and would love to have you with us if you have never played before. Maybe you have come once or twice and have been busy with other activities. If you have, we want you to feel free to return. 


I promise you a fun evening filled with laughter, memories, and true life stories only those who had them  can share. Here is the information to access this experience should you decide to call. 


The enjoyment begins at 8:30 Eastern time or 5:30 Pacific. 

If you would like to connect with some people who think and care deeply about our world or  make new friends, please consider joining us on  Wednesday, Sept. 25.  Here is the information you will need to do that.

To join us, call 712-832-8330.  Put in the code 6201340 and you will be there. I do hope you will join us. There are no right or wrong answers. Fun is the only thing on our agenda.


Bonnie Blose


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