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Good afternoon,
Below is an email from the Seeing Eye concerning comments it submitted
to the Department of Transportation in response to the Notice of
Proposed Rulemaking regarding service animals. For your information
and reference.

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Subject: [Cagdu] FW: This is your chance! Let the U.S Department of
Transportation hear you!
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Subject: This is your chance! Let the U.S Department of Transportation hear you!


Dear Graduate of The Seeing Eye:

I hope you are all staying safe and healthy as you read this email. I
know this time of isolation and restricted movement can be difficult
for us and our hard-working Seeing Eye dogs. While your dog chews on a
favorite toy or sleeps at your feet, there are ways you can stay
productive and make a difference. If you have not yet had the
opportunity to submit your comment to the U.S. Department of
Transportation (DOT) on its proposed regulations for traveling by air
with service animals, now is the time. You have until Monday, April 6,
to submit your comments.

Right now not too many people are traveling by air, with or without
service animals, but the time will soon come again when life returns
to normal and you’ll be planning your next trip. Things will return to
normal for DOT, too, and they’ll be reviewing the thousands of
comments they have received from the public about the proposed
regulations. Guide dog handlers are the people DOT needs to be hearing

For nearly 90 years we have been traveling by air with our guides. Air
travel has changed and become more challenging over the years but that
has never stopped us. We have adapted to those changes and continued
to travel the world with independence and dignity. DOT needs to hear
your comments on how its proposed regulations will affect you. It’s
important to tell DOT what concerns you about the regulations but
positive feedback and suggestions for improvement are helpful as well.

Go to: www.SeeingEye.org/DOT

For information on how and where to submit your comments and to read
the comment submitted by The Seeing Eye. I am working remotely and can
answer any questions you have about this topic or other advocacy
issues. Feel free to send an email to advocacy at seeingeye.org
<mailto:advocacy at seeingeye.org>  or call 1-800-539-4425 ext. 1724 and
leave me a message.

One more thing: Many of you sign up for eye exams for your Seeing Eye
dog through the annual ACVO Service Animal Eye Exam program, which is
usually held in May. The ACVO has announced with everything going on
right now, this year's event is cancelled. Go to
<http://support.seeingeye.org/site/R?i=ZcTL9lnCYzSj1jT6f5RfaA>  for
more information.

Stay well and give your dogs a pat from me.

Melissa R. Allman
Senior Specialist, Advocacy and Government Relations
The Seeing Eye

contact <http://support.seeingeye.org/site/R?i=bhLbwyMTC2UpaM2iUsS2Ow>

The Seeing Eye
P.O. Box 375
Morristown, NJ 07960-0375

(973) 539-4425
 <mailto:info at seeingeye.org> info at seeingeye.org


social <http://support.seeingeye.org/site/R?i=ihi8kSF5tRTqDN6n6ElRTw>



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