[NFBC-Info] Fwd: Do you know any good O&Ms to perform an assessment for a 5th grader in the San Jose area?

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>> Subject: Do you know any good O&Ms to perform an assessment for a 5th grader in the San Jose area?
>> Friends,
>> I have been contacted by a parent who wants an O&M assessment for her fifth-grade daughter (legally blind). The student has had O&M services in the past, but, of course, she does not use a cane. Now that she is transitioning to middle school, it is becoming quite clear that she does not have the mobility skills needed to survive in the hustle-bustle of middle school.
>> The family lives in San Jose, but the O&M specialist need not be located there. Ideally, the assessor would be an NOMC and work in California. Regardless, I'd definitely prefer someone who believes in cane travel.
>> Please let me know of any ideas you have. Thank you,
>> Carlton 
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