[NFBC-Info] A general question regarding making appointment with DMV regarding ID card renewal and taking photo

CHELA Robles cdrobles693 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 12 05:47:54 UTC 2021

Hello everybody hope all is well with you.
I have a question for you guys and I’m just wondering if you guys may be able to steer me in the right direction but my question is as follows:
Is there a way to schedule an appointment with DMV of California two help me with the application process in other words filling out my application in the actual DMV office for my real ID card? I have all the information they need but everything is on paper and I would also like to take the photo while there as well so that way I can just do everything in one appointment. I tried to search for a way to do this but it keeps leading me to the service advisor which is not very helpful to me unless I’m looking in the wrong place but I’ve been on the phone for several hours and no one took my call day after day for several weeks now. I had gotten the stuff from them in the mail I guess it’s the application in print and a slip of paper that tells you what you need to bring for a real ID card, yet now that everything is extremely automated and there aren’t very many people working due to the pandemic, I’m finding it very frustrating to even get this done even before my birthday which by the way my current ID card expires then and I’ve been trying for several weeks now with no success to getting through to anybody at DMV. Can someone shed some light for me please?
Thanks so much for your assistance in this matter.
Chela Robles
Concord, CA
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