[NFBC-Info] Trying to reach out to Greg Kehret at the San Francisco Lighthouse

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Mon Mar 15 05:44:06 UTC 2021

Hello all.


I am trying to reach out to Greg Kehret, who is Director of the Media Access
and Design Lab at the San Francisco Lighthouse for the Blind. I have tried
emailing him twice over the past three weeks, and he hasn't responded. When
I tried to submit a message to the Mad Lab's contact page on the SF
lighthouse's web site, I received an error. Since most services are still
virtual with the Pandemic, there are few staff at the agency.


I am trying to reach him because we would like to inquire about having
tactile / auditory maps of two key transit hubs on our fixed route transit
system developed. The maps would be similar to those already available of
all key BART stations from the Adaptations Store at the SF Lighthouse. I
understand he might be a member of the CA NFB Affiliate or might have been
at some point in the past.


Any information on how I can contact him would be greatly appreciated.


Very Best Regards,


Christopher Sabine


National Federation of the Blind of Ohio

Cincinnati Chapter

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