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June 17, 2010

Cathy Jackson, President NFB-KY

Michael McCarty, President ACB-KY

Dear Cathy and Michael:

The Kenton County Public Library has graciously hosted the Northern Kentucky
Talking Book Library for nearly 30 years by providing facilities, staff,
equipment, and other resources. However; this week the library board decided
to discontinue this arrangement at the end of September.  This decision is
in no way a reflection on the needs of its users-patrons will continue to
receive the same service, except it will be provided by the Kentucky
Regional Talking Book Library.

In planning for the upcoming new main library, the Kenton County Library
management and Board of Directors felt it was a duplication of effort to
provide the same materials and service from two different locations, and
both libraries involved could make better use of resources by consolidating
talking books here at the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives.
They are not alone in this.  Most states have just one talking book library
serving the entire state.  Of the 15 states with subregionals, many have
been reorganizing and decreasing the number of subregional libraries.  With
the introduction of digital talking books and the ability for many patrons
to download their own books, the future need for subregional libraries will
not be as great. So far, 20% of our patrons with digital players are
registered for the BARD download program, so the timing seems right for this

As you know, we have been through this before when the Louisville
subregional closed. This time it will affect approximately 450 patrons in 15
counties: Boone, Bracken, Campbell, Carroll, Fleming, Gallatin, Grant,
Harrison, Kenton, Lewis, Mason, Owen, Pendleton, Robertson, and Trimble
counties. I realize that many patrons will miss talking with the staff at
the Northern Kentucky location, but my staff and I will try our best to make
the transition as smooth as possible.  We made many friends of our
Louisville patrons after assuming service for Jefferson County, and hope to
repeat that process. The Northern Kentucky talking book collection is very
small, so many of its patrons already receive Braille books, Kentucky books,
and older cassette books from us.  Those who don't may be pleased to
discover that we have more to choose from. The Kenton County location had
very little walk-in use, so the main difference for patrons will be in whom
to call or email with requests.

We have not yet set a specific date for the transfer, but will notify all
Northern Kentucky patrons well before and will provide them with our contact
information.  I wanted to notify you first as presidents of your respective
organizations. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or
concerns about this change.  I would appreciate it if you could spread the
news to your members and any others who may be interested.

Barbara Penegor

Branch Manager

Kentucky Talking Book Library

PO Box 537

Frankfort, KY 40602


502-564-8300, ext. 282

barbara.penegor at ky.gov

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