[Nfbk] 2018 NFB Kentucky Cardinal Summer Edition

Lora Felty lorafelty at windstream.net
Thu Sep 6 21:39:48 UTC 2018

Please find attached the Summer 2018 edition of the Kentucky Cardinal.  See
inside for current affiliate news and information about our upcoming state


See below for additional ways to read this newsletter.  





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The 2018 Kentucky Cardinal summer Edition is featured on NFB-NEWSLINE on the
Local Channel under State Information Channel, Kentucky Information Channel,
NFB Kentucky Channel and 2018 Kentucky Cardinal Summer Edition.


The Kentucky Cardinal is also featured on the NFBK website at:
http://www.nfbofky.org. Scroll <http://www.nfbofky.org.%20Scroll>  down to
and click on Kentucky Cardinal. Then, scroll down to Kentucky Cardinal
publications to find this edition.    



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