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Which version if the Bible is this?
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Good afternoon, 
Topically we do not use our list serve to sell items. However, this just might be the exception, Belie is Tammi Spencer’s Description of George’s Braille Bible and cabinet. 
Hello, Cathy. This is Tammi Spencer, George's daughter. I am wondering if you can fo me a favor? I am selling dad's 18 volume Braille Bible. I'm asking  $300 for it... $350 if they want the cabinet it's in. Attached is a pic of the cabinet with the bible inside. Can you share this with everyone for me? I'm not on Listserv since my email changed. They can contact me at the email Fabfivetammi at gmail.com <mailto:Fabfivetammi at gmail.com>  if  anyone has any questions. Thank you, in advance. 
Sorry I can’t get the picture to attach. If you are interested contact me and I will email you directly.
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