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I just spoke to Dave Mattingly at WAVE 3 who forwarded me the message
below. While I was on the phone with him He also received a text from
Congressman Yarmuth’s spokesman. They  reached out earlier today but have
not received any response.
Dave is going to do an update at 5 and 6.

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From: David Mattingly <David.Mattingly at wave3.com>
Date: Tue, Feb 4, 2020 at 3:46 PM
Subject: statement from TARC
To: cathyj1949 at gmail.com <cathyj1949 at gmail.com>

[image: mark fox, district 13 louisville metro council]

*The WIRE*

*TARC Has Issued the Following Update to TARC 3 Clients*

[image: TARC]

*Valued TARC Partner: *

We want to assure you that TARC is working full-time to resolve the issues
happening with our paratransit services due to the recent transition from
First Transit to MV Transportation.  For weeks we have been working on a
transition plan and things had been running smoothly.  What we did not plan
for accordingly was the resistance from drivers regarding a change in their
pay structure.  There were proactive communications about the change in pay
structure as well as a willingness of MV Transportation to interview and
hire all of the qualified drivers from the previous contract with First
Transit.  Unfortunately, many of the concerns of the drivers were not
brought to our attention until after the transition started on 1/31.

On the first day of the transition, we had a 97% completion rate for
services.  Those numbers diminished significantly in the last few days.  We
feel this is a communication and labor issue and we are aggressively trying
to fix both.  Below are some of our actions that are either in place or
will be taking place within the next 48 hours.

*Immediate Action Items: *

   - MV and Z-Trip are national providers with drivers in different
   cities.  Both are working to bring in additional drivers from other markets
   to assist that are available immediately.
   - Leadership from all agencies (TARC, MV, Z-Trip) are meeting to discuss
   contingency plans for the short term.
   - TARC has increased staffing for the “Where’s My Ride” hotline to
   address issues as they come in and answer customer questions.
   - TARC IT department is working to increase the number of active phone
   lines from 90 to 150 for customer service.
   - TARC staff is working to support customers by calling unassigned stops
   to communicate service issues to customer.

*Short Term Action Items: *

   - Z-Trip is actively recruiting qualified additional drivers from local
   rideshare companies with paratransit experience.
   - Z-Trip is working with union employees to interview remaining
   qualified employees who haven’t been placed.
   - TARC is communicating with Louisville Urban League and Metro United
   Way to fast track open positions for qualified drivers.

We will continue to keep you informed with the progress being made.  As
always, we strive to be the best partners and be a great service provider
and we will continue to do both with continuous improvements.
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