[Nfbktad] Fwd: NVDA screen reader News: High-Quality voices available for NVDA!

David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Thu Jun 21 21:52:29 CDT 2012

>NV Access is very happy to announce the availability of the Nuance 
>Vocalizer range of voices for NVDA. These voices, which have proven 
>to be popular on iPhones and the Mac, can now all be purchased for 
>one affordable price for use with NVDA. Whether you use NVDA 
>installed on one computer, or carry it around with you for access at 
>anytime on a USB flash drive, these performant and high-quality 
>voices will be there when you need them.
>Purchasing Vocalizer today for 75 EUR gives you access to over 50 
>different voices covering more than 30 major languages.
>Vocalizer can be purchased world-wide from  Tiflotecnia Lda. For 
>each purchase 15 EUR will be donated to NV Access to help the NVDA 
>project continue. Purchases can also be made through a range of 
>local distributors, of which 10 EUR will be donated to the project.
>For more information about Vocalizer with NVDA, trial downloads and 
>a list of distributors, please visit http://www.vocalizer-nvda.com/en.
>To use Vocalizer, NVDA 2012.2 or higher is required. Please visit 
>http://www.nvda-project.org/wiki/Download to grab the latest version 
>if you have not done so already.
>Please consider donating to NV Access to support NVDA's continued development:
>This is the NVDA announcement mailing list.

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