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Raymond Juliano rayj1941 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 25 17:47:04 CDT 2009

Hi Terri,

Thank you for replying.  We live in Curtis, MI which is in the U.P..  We are
about 25 miles west of Newberry which is where I work.  I've ordered a
couple of publications re. Braille from the NFB, and the president of your
state NFB e-mailed me with some phone numbers to call re. learning Braille.
I have not had a chance to call them yet, but I am planning on doing so this

I feel a little funny about doing this now since I still have good vision in
my right eye, but that could be subject to change.  I just don't want to
wait until the last minute to do this, and your president thought it was a
good idea.  I do have some slight peripheral neuropathy of my hands, and
more so of my feet, and I play the guitar so I am trying to keep the
fingertips of my left hand toughened up for playing, but the fingertips of
my right hand are sensitive to touch.  I got the Braille Alphabet card from
our library, and I was wondering how difficult it was going to be to get
adept with Braille?

I am legally blind in my left eye, and I just can't imagine being totally
blind.  I am still working full time at our little critical access hospital
in Newberry as the sole nurse anesthetist, and I also am a hypnotherapist
which I do part time out of my home.  I plan on retiring from anesthesia in
less than two years and then doing hypnosis full time and sending my wife to
nursing school.  I will have been doing anesthesia for 44 years, so I hope
to have some retirement years to enjoy with or without my sight.

I would like to attend your up-coming state convention, but I am going to be
at a week long hypnosis seminar in TN the first week of November so I am not
sure if I would be able to make it this year...if not then I will plan on it
for next year.  Your president thought it would be a good idea to attend it

Please tell me a little about your lives and how you were able to reply to
my e-mail if you don't mind.  I will most likely have a lot of dumb
questions to ask, so if you think I am overstepping bounds, please don't
hesitate to tell me.

Thanks again for writing and take care of each other.
Ray Juliano

On Sun, Oct 25, 2009 at 4:49 PM, trising <trising at sbcglobal.net> wrote:

> Welcome to our list. I am Terri. My husband and I are totally blind from
> birth and in our thirties. We live independently in an apartment. I would be
> glad to help you with Braille if you live anywhere near us. We are in Ann
> Arbor.
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