[nfbmi-talk] Newbie...

trising trising at sbcglobal.net
Sun Oct 25 19:44:25 CDT 2009

We have both read Braille from the age of four. We use a computer without a 
mouse or monitor. A software package called Jaws reads the screen to us. We 
do all of our input with the keyboard, and keyboard commands. In third 
grade, I learned to type on a standard type writer keyboard, so the use of 
keyboarding skills is not new with the computer. My husband has a degree in 
Computer Information Systems and is eager to have a full time job in the 
access technology field.  I have a Master's in Voice Performance. 
Unfortunately, there is an eighty percent unemployment rate among blind 
individuals, so neither of us has had a full time job. He works at the local 
library for the blind ten hours per week, teaching blind, and other disabled 
individuals how to use adaptive computer technology. I sing in two choirs, 
one of them being the church choir, do as much solo work as I can, and teach 
a few voice lessons. My next statement will probably surprise you. You said 
you cannot imagine being totally blind. My blindness is due to septo optic 
dysplasia, which comes with other health issues. If I had a chance to fix 
one thing, blindness would be at the bottom of my list. With proper training 
in techniques of blindness it can be reduced to the level of a physical 
nuissance. Blindness is definitely not a tragedy. 

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