[nfbmi-talk] Need a roommate

trising trising at sbcglobal.net
Wed Oct 28 16:30:51 CDT 2009

Hello Georgia, I hope I spelled that correctly. Its Terri and Nick Wilcox. I 
do not know if you need, or are interested in this, but I live in an 
apartment about ten to fifteen minutes from the U of M hospital and dental 
school. I met you once when I lived in Milford and you came to talk to the 
Livingston County Support group for the blind about Newsline. Anyhow, if you 
ever have to go to the hospital for blood work, and then need to return the 
next day for surgery, I offer our apartment as an alternative rather than 
going all the way back home. Also, if you are ever feeling well after a 
dental appointment and would like to get together for lunch or something, I 
would love to do that. We do not have a chapter here in Ann Arbor and I am 
always eager to hook up with other NFB members. No obligation, but know that 
you have a free place to stay if you need it. It would not be high class, 
just a hide-a bed couch, or we could arrange to borrow an air mattress from 
my parents, but if you need a place to stay it is here.
Terri and Nick 

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