[nfbmi-talk] National Convention Transportation organizer/Recruiter needed!!

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Mon Apr 12 23:27:26 UTC 2010

    National Federation of the Blind of Michigan
Larry Posont, President
Email: president.nfb.mi at gmail.com

Dear Members of the National Federation of the Blind of Michigan:

Larry asked me to send the following message.

    I need a member to volunteer to recruit and organize transportation for 
National Convention this summer. I received a quote of $8,300 from a bus 
company to take us to and from Dallas. This would cover the bus, plus the 
driver's hotel room while in Dallas. If forty people wanted to travel by 
bus, this would mean each person would pay a bit over  $200. If we could not 
get close to forty individuals, it would not be worth it to charter the bus.
The affiliate is not financially able to cover the cost. I need an 
individual to come forward and volunteer to contact individuals in all of 
the chapters in order to put together a total group for our state who are 
interested in taking the bus and able to put forward the money. It is 
important for me to hear from an individual no later than Wednesday evening 
April 14 to do this recruiting and organizing of members. If a volunteer 
does not come forward, I will assume that all of us individually are finding 
our own transportation to convention and I will tell the bus company that we 
are not interested in their services.

I look forward to seeing many of you in Dallas.

Larry Posont
President, National Federation of the Blind of Michigan;

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