[nfbmi-talk] National Convention Transportation organizer/Recruiterneeded!!

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Tue Apr 13 05:25:08 UTC 2010

By comparison, the train from East Lansing or Kalamazoo is showing for 
around $270 currently.
Flying from Detroit is roughly $340. From Grand Rapids, it's actually a bit 
cheaper at $311.
I'm not sure we'll get 40 people to pay over $200 for a bus when a train or 
plane isn't that much more.

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>    National Federation of the Blind of Michigan
> Larry Posont, President
> Email: president.nfb.mi at gmail.com
> Dear Members of the National Federation of the Blind of Michigan:
> Larry asked me to send the following message.
>    I need a member to volunteer to recruit and organize transportation for 
> National Convention this summer. I received a quote of $8,300 from a bus 
> company to take us to and from Dallas. This would cover the bus, plus the 
> driver's hotel room while in Dallas. If forty people wanted to travel by 
> bus, this would mean each person would pay a bit over  $200. If we could 
> not get close to forty individuals, it would not be worth it to charter 
> the bus.
> The affiliate is not financially able to cover the cost. I need an 
> individual to come forward and volunteer to contact individuals in all of 
> the chapters in order to put together a total group for our state who are 
> interested in taking the bus and able to put forward the money. It is 
> important for me to hear from an individual no later than Wednesday 
> evening April 14 to do this recruiting and organizing of members. If a 
> volunteer does not come forward, I will assume that all of us individually 
> are finding our own transportation to convention and I will tell the bus 
> company that we are not interested in their services.
> I look forward to seeing many of you in Dallas.
> Sincerely,
> Larry Posont
> President, National Federation of the Blind of Michigan;
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