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March 15, 2010


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Re: Official Board Inquiry Ending MCB TC Marksmanship Program

Michigan Commission for the Blind


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Ms. Jo Ann Pilarski, MCB Commission Chair

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Mr. Michael Geno, MCB Commission Vice Chair

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Ms. Velma P. Allen, MCB Commissioner

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Ms. Geraldine G. Taeckens, MCB Commissioner

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Ms. Margaret Wolfe, MCB Commissioner

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I am writing you all today, and most especially Director Cannon to address a very specific issue. I wish to know precisely what rules, laws, etc. or methods of administrative criterion were used to close the much touted and voluntary "marksmanship class" at the Michigan Commission for the Blind Training Center? Note: I would be asking the same question if say the industrial arts course was cancelled, or if another "elective" (my term) was cancelled.


As an additional note here, for the record I am not inquiring at this time about the firing of Ms. Christine Boone. Though that might appear to be inter woven it is in my inquiry not germane. In other words my request for a formal response is narrow and to the issue of eliminating this "course" offering from the MCB TC curriculum. And thus the opportunity of students at the center to partake in it.




Paul "Joe" Harcz, Jr. 

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