[nfbmi-talk] the clown show in michigan

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Thu Apr 15 01:00:20 UTC 2010

The Clown Show in Michigan


>From the Michigan Commission for the Blind January 19, 2010 Special Session:


2010 Director's Objectives


          Commissioner Pilarski began discussion on the 2010 Director's Objectives. Discussion included receiving the latest document from Commissioner Pilarski the day of the meeting; the focus of the objectives; and lack of clear distinction between goals and objectives.  

Director Cannon clarified the difference between a goal, objective and action steps.

Discussion centered around proposed objectives that were submitted for the December Board meeting and proposed objectives submitted by Chair Pilarski; DELEG mandated objectives and finally, developing a process to sort out these 2010 objectives.


Commissioner Geno moved that Chair Pilarski and Director Cannon take the existing 2010 Objectives plus the document that CommissionER Pilarski developed, blend them together and revisit these at the March Commission meeting; supported by Commissioner Allen.

Roll Call vote 

Aye:  Velma Allen, Margaret Wolfe, Michael Geno; Geri Taeckens

Nay:  None

Abstention:  Jo Ann Pilarski




Now, the above goes to the roll by law of just who is supposed to be running a commission for the blind or any other similar entity under the Workforce Investment Act/Rehab Act. The board is supposed to represent stakeholders, being consumer driven. It is supposed to be autonomous. That is in the language of the WIA. The commission is supposed to "supervise" key personnel including the Director.


It appears here that things are and have been for a very long time exactly the opposite, for here the Director, Patrick Cannon and his lap dog Chair Jo Anne Pilarski are effectively righting up Cannon's "report card". My Lord this would be laughable if it weren't so pathetic and if so many of Michigan's people who are blind were not so gravely damaged by the fallout of such egregious abuse of power.


If this doesn't say it all about MCB I don't know what does. What a clown show.


Joe Harcz




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