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April 8, 2010

Paul Joseph Harcz, Jr.

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Re: Michigan Freedom of Information Act E-mails between Patrick Cannon, MCB Commissioner and Jo Anne Pilarski MCB, Chair


(Request made via e-mail)


Carla Haynes, FOIA Coordinator, Michigan Commission for the Blind

hanesc at michigan.gov


Mel Farmer, FOIA Coordinator, Michigan Department of Energy Labor and Economic Growth (DELEG)

farmerm at michigan.gov




Dear Ms. Haynes and Mr. Farmer:



I am writing you today to request pursuant to the Michigan Freedom of Information Act all e-mail correspondences sent to and received by Patrick Cannon, Director Michigan Commission for the Blind and Jo Anne Pilarski, Chair, Michigan Commission for the Blind between the periods of September 1, 2009 through April 8, 2010. Note I am requesting these in the form they are in which is digital. One may simply either forward them to my e-mail address listed above; copy them to a medium such as a flash drive or compact CD and then mail them to my mailing address listed above; or copy and paste each one into separate e-mail posts to me at my e-mail address listed above.


Additionally also please note that Mr. Cannon is a public employee and Ms. Pilarski is a public official and thus such correspondences are not of a personal nature exempted under the FOIA. I will accept redacted information if any references in these correspondences refer to exempted people such as individual consumers of the Michigan Commission for the Blind.  Redacted material such as names may simply be redacted by deleting that name and inserting something like xxxx just as the United States Department of Justice does on released information about Americans with Disabilities Act complaints for example. Any references to any staff of MCB, DELEG or other state of Michigan employees or public officials such as MCB commissioners should not be redacted however. In addition there is no need to redact my name from any of these requested e-mail correspondences.



Very Truly Yours,


Paul Joseph Harcz, Jr.


Cc: file

Cc: Michigan Attorney General's Office

Cc: several in the media

Cc: several attorney's at law

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