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Thu Apr 22 02:28:51 UTC 2010

Puff the Magic Braggart


April 21, 2010


Wow, I’m really stunned by Mr. ADA’s self-puffery in the following quote as we all know how well he implements and follows the ADA himself including on this very issue where I filed complaints against our Secretary of State to him, Pat Cannon which he punted on:



“It was my privilege to be on the White House lawn when the President signed the Americans with Disabilities Act into law on July 26, 1990,” said Pat Cannon.

“He said at the very heart of the ADA was the full integration of people with disabilities into all aspects of society. Until now, too many Americans with

disabilities simply could not cast an independent ballot, needing the assistance of others to exercise this most precious, fundamental right. Now, because

of the AutoMARK, we are closer to achieving the true promise of the ADA.”




?Michigan LEGwork, May, 2006




And let us not forget the issue of ADA compliant signage…Or documented issues of not providing information in alternate formats…Or the gross discrimination against the blind students and Ms. Boone over the “Safety and Marksmanship” program.


Now earlier today I kind of implied Cannon was a sort of Hitler. Actually he is more like Hitler’s propagandist, Josef Goebbels who coined the notion of “the great lie”. You see Goebbels believed if you told lies loud enough and big enough (along with of course censoring the truth) then sooner or later the masses would believe it.


Now, this huffer and puffer Cannon has talked the ADA talk for years, including his stint on the United States Access Board yet he can’t even get ADA compliant signage throughout his own headquarters?


Man, that’s a “big lie” in action. So I guess I can’t call him a man of no action.



In addition hee has also promoted that whacky “tilting”, vision-20-20 thing too which he turned from a positive device in potential into a bunch of Orwellian double speak.


Everything Mr. Puff the Magic Braggart  says is pretty much precisely the opposite of what he does.


Bottom up is top down. Tilting becomes tilting at his windmills. And access and protection from illegal discrimination are denied, denied, and denied again. Then he wraps himself in this sort of self-promoting bovine scatology like a robe of a fallen Roman Emporor. But, my colleagues it is still b.s. and even if we can’t see it we all can smell it.


As a parting shot here I must apologise for all the mixed metaphors, but firing at the Cannon is just to intriguing to me.




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