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Thank you and as an aside, the clandestine operations, lack of transparency, 
and violations of due process are all reasons why the BEP program and 
individual vendors are under such assault here. In addition each one is 
isolated from the other virtually by design and people effectively get 
picked off one at a time.

This goes to the issues against Dave, Christine, and Mark Eagle for that 

We are dealing here with the employment and public functioning of qualified 
people who are blind.

We also have in the case of Mark Eagle some very nasty, and totally 
hypocritical, manipulation of the MCB Board which should be by law 
independent, supervisory, and a real check on the activities of MCB. Note in 
the one set of minutes the fact that Velma Allen referenced her so-called 
training on board operations by, of all things the directors of state 
agencies themselves. Talk about a conflict of interest by design! Yea, that 
was the charge against Mark Eagle, who by the way did not rubber stamp every 
performance review of Mr. Cannon who actually writes his own evaluation as 
noted in other minutes. Man, that is like a student writing her own report 
card, then influencing the school board so that she can get all "As". Now, I 
know the release of some of this information is embarrassing to some highly 
paid state officials, but that is very much to the point isn't it?

Oh, yes and we have a whole lot of secrecy going on about the firing of 
Christine Boone who was and is the best MCB TC Director I've ever known of. 
Just as importantly no one at MCB has answered the simple and seminal 
question of just why the class was closed. No one has answered the civil 
rights violations of the students at MCB TC in this sad, but, ironically 
comic fiasco. No one has even discussed the intimidation against students 
there to this day as well as the staff for that matter.

no one apparently looks at how literally millions of dollars of federal 
funding are spent either. This kind of goes back to Watergate. Folks might 
remember that. "Deep Throat" told investigative reporters Woodward and 
Bernstein to, "Follow the money -- Always follow the money."

These are taxpayer's dollars being spent here and by gosh and by golly we 
citizens have every right, just like any other citizen to follow that money.

Again thank you for your input here on this issue.

Peace with Justice,

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>I think we would all agree that personal attacks are inappropriate. 
>However, there is a difference between attacking a person and disagreeing 
>with their position. Also, what is happening at the Comission for the Blind 
>now is important to every federationist and blind youth and adult in the 
>state and will affect us all for years to come.
> While the college policy is more important to some, what is happening in 
> the BEP is more important to others.  Still others may be very interested 
> in reading FOIA requests, CIC and MCB Board meeting minutes.  If you don't 
> wish to read a particular message, delete it.
> Mary Ann
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