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Hey J j, Thanks for sharing the newsletter. I was going to put it on later 
because I would like to bring special attention to the part about blind 
birding in Detroit. The Detroit Audubon Society is getting something 
goingfor blind people interested in learning by heearing birds in 
southeastern Michigan. Pretty wonderful! Be blessed, Donna
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> Happy Trails
> Michigan Ski for Light Newsletter
> Volume 4, Number 1
> Spring, 2010
> Editor’s note: We always need articles and ideas for the newsletter. 
> Anyone who would like to volunteer to send an article or information may 
> contact me:
> President’s Corner, by Kevin Ridsdale
> Visions 2010 is an opportunity for people to experience products and 
> services designed for people who cannot read print due to visual or 
> physical limitations. Visions provide these consumers with a hands-on 
> opportunity to try new low- and high-tech products.
> Visions 2010 will be held on Wednesday, May 12, 2010, from 10 am to 4 pm
> WashtenawCommunity College, Morris Lawrence Building, Ann Arbor, MI 48105.
> The Michigan Ski for Light Summer Boardmeeting will be held at the home of 
> John Root in Haslett, Michigan, on Saturday, June 12. For anyone 
> interested, there will be golfing at Hawk Hollow (Mini-Hawk par 3 course) 
> starting at 11 am.
> MichiganSki for LightClothing and 2011 Wristbands Are Available
> Order through the website www.msfl.org
> MSFL Hoodies: $30.00, and add $3.00 for size 2XL or larger.
> MSFL Sweatshirts: $25.00, and add $3.00 for size 2XL or larger.
> MSFL 2011 wristbands: $2.00
> Pictures Online from the 2010 Michigan Ski for Light eventprovided from 
> Jim Ellickson and Bill Richards.
> Link to Jim’s pictures,
> https://www.photoshop.com/index.html?user=Ellickson&galleryid=fc0df317208049b1bcac4a7a218de02f&wf=share&trackingid=BTAGC
> Link to Bill’s pictures,
> www.crvonline.org
> 1. Go to Photo archives.
> 2. Search for pictures.
> 3. Catagory MichiganSki for Light (stay in the category).
> 4. Search line 2010 MSFL gets all of the pictures.
> The January 2011 Michigan Ski for Light eventwill be held on January 
> 14-16, 2011. Website registration will open on October 1, 2010. We have 
> MSFL DVDs free for anyone to use as fundraisers, and 2011 wristbands for 
> fundraisers, as well.
> MichiganSki for Light Event 2010, by Lois Alexander
> Michigan Ski for Light 2010 had just enough snow, lots of sunshine, and an 
> abundance of fun, fellowship, and laughter! Kathy Emig, retiring president 
> of MSFL opened the 35th year the event with warm words, "This is like a 
> family reunion. We are all a big family, including the participants, 
> guides, park services, and Lions Club. No one is a stranger here." She 
> noted that she did not know anyplace else you could go for a weekend where 
> everyone becomes so cohesive in two days. Kevin Ridsdale, the new 
> president, reported that this year’s event had 22 VIP (visually impaired 
> participants), 1 (MIP) mobility impaired, 30 guides, 10 worker bees, and 
> 30 folks housed at Westminster Camp where the CMU (Central Michigan 
> University) students stay.
> Everyone had great things to say about the weekend. Carol Ardis, from 
> Grand Rapids, a first time attendee worker bee, noted, "Its great! A very 
> positive experience. Everyone had fun! It was great watching the VIPs and 
> MIPs enjoying themselves. Everyone participated."
> Morgan Kuzava, a CMU student who had never skied before said, "I enjoyed 
> it a lot! I even learned to ski! I definitely want to come back next 
> year."
> Steve and Jeff Couch, twelve-year-old twins from Flushing, attended for 
> the first time. Donna Posont brought the twins, whom she met at Camp 
> Tuhsmeheta. On Sunday morning, Jeff revealed that his feet hurt, more from 
> dancing all evening that from the skiing! He was having such a good time 
> that he did not want to leave the weekend! His brother agreed, noting that 
> the whole weekend was awesome. Steve said, "The skiing was stupendous!" 
> Donna has attended MSFL for five years, and says it just keeps getting 
> better. She reported she had the most wonderful guides, Jessie Campbell, 
> and Mark Bassord (all the way from England), because they helped her to 
> visualize the beauty in the nature around them.
> Jim Carter, a guide from Diamondale, revealed that it is a great learning 
> experience for him. He used skills he learned last year to guide his VIP 
> this year. "I've met a lot of really nice people this week that I would 
> not have otherwise met."
> Nino Pacini from Grosse Pointe reports that he enjoys the networking and 
> meeting people from all over the state. He enjoys sharing information and 
> technology. His wife, Marie Pacini, conveyed that they have been very 
> involved in the MSFL International and want to get involved at the state 
> level. She said, "Michigan Ski for Light is just so cool. We want to make 
> sure it continues.” Both VIP's, they will be training guides at the 
> International Ski for Light in Provo, Utah, during the first week in 
> February. Nino helped train the guides this year at the MacMullan Center, 
> too.
> G. John Schmidt, a guide from Minnesota, has also been very involved in 
> the International Ski for Light. Attending the event at Higgins Lake for 
> the first time, he has previously been involved in 4 regional events in 
> the Black Hills area, and 4 events in Norway. John advised, "We all have a 
> message and obligation in life and we owe it to share and help others."
> John was attending as a guide to Ivonne Mosquera, also a first time MSFL 
> attendee, who is very involved in sports. She loss her vision at age 2 and 
> has been participating in marathons and triathlons for several years. As a 
> matter of fact, Ivonne won the Gold Metal at the World Triathlon 
> Championship in Australia. She completes on the USA Triathlon team. Her 
> first Ski for Light was in 2005 at the International event in Granby, 
> Colorado. There, Ivonne won the Jan Haug award, given for a first time 
> participant that demonstrated the most inspiration. The prize was a full 
> set of skis that she uses now. Ivonne said that her favorite part about 
> MSFL was that it is such an inclusive and embracing setting.
> Michaela Root, the new MSFL secretary, has been attending MSFL for 16 
> years, since she was 8 years old. She indicates that the event has had an 
> impact on her since the time she was young. She says, "I get a lot of joy 
> out of helping people, seeing them smiling and giggling. This may be their 
> only time to get outside in the winter. It makes me happy."
> Her father, John Root, has been involved in the organization for 33 years. 
> He too reports that he enjoys people having a good time. He enjoys seeing 
> the VIPs and MIPs realize that they can do something like this and sees 
> the confidence they develop by participating in the skiing.
> Debbie Wahr, from DeWitt, MI, has been a participant for eleven years. She 
> proudly displays the pins from MSLF on her hat. She keeps coming back 
> because she loves to cross country ski and this is the only time each year 
> that she has a chance to do it.
> Bill Richards was one of the founders of MSFL. He still attends at age 82 
> and loves meeting everyone and watching the group have a wonderful time. 
> Bill had a great time talking with everyone telling stories, taking 
> pictures of the event, and sharing memories of the many events.
> MSFL is all about people and relationships. There is a great amount of 
> preparation for MSFL, as well as work during the weekend to make it 
> happen. We share in gratitude for all those who make the weekend possible.
> The following article concerns “birding” for the blind and visually 
> impaired in the Detroit area:
> My name is Rochelle Breitenbach. I am a member of the Detroit Audubon 
> Society. I would like to know if you know of any blind or visually 
> impaired people (and friends/family) who may be interested in learning 
> about birding. It's a fun way to be outdoors while you are waiting for 
> snow! Migration and nesting season are fast approaching, so this is the 
> perfect time for beginners to learn and practice identifying songs and 
> calls of birds common to SE Michigan.
> Our plan is to schedule several listening/practice sessions according to 
> the availability of the attendees, and then go out into the field some 
> time in mid-May so they can show off their new skills. We frequently use 
> the Southfield Recreation Center for meetings and events, but there is 
> flexibility according to participant needs.
> I have focused on the blind and visually impaired because I believe this 
> is an under served population who would really enjoy a program like this, 
> but anyone is more than welcome to attend the sessions and outings. I 
> understand there may be transportation and other challenges, but I figure 
> one step at a time. First step: find interested people. Oh, by the way, 
> there is no charge for this program.
> For more information on the Detroit Audubon Society, you can visit our 
> website: www.detroitaudubon.org. Please call me with any questions and for 
> more info. Please also give my name and number to any potential 
> participants. Rochelle Breitenbach: home - 248 698 3549or cell - 586 202 
> 6498.
> Ski for Light International News
> The 36th annual 2011 Ski for Light International Week will take place from 
> January 30 through February 6, 2011, in the Rocky Mountains at Snow 
> Mountain Ranch in Granby, Colorado. Snow Mountain Ranch, near Winter Park 
> and part of the YMCA of the Rockies, has more than 80k of wide and 
> wonderfully groomed trails.
> It is consistently rated one of the top Nordic venues in the country. 
> Seven previous SFL events have been held there, dating from 1992 through 
> most recently 2006, so you can tell from our return in 2011 that we have 
> had great experiences there in the past.
> New this year will be the lodging arrangements. We will be staying on the 
> grounds of Snow Mountain Ranch in their three hotel buildings. This will 
> allow attendees to ski from their hotel building right on to the trails.
> Come back to this site www.sfl.orgin July for more information about SFL 
> 2011, and easy-to-complete online application forms.
> Char Kimball, a guide and an active member of the West Michigan Coastal 
> Kayakers’ Association, wrote the following article about Kayak for Light 
> 2009. Thanks to everyone who turned out for Kayak for Light this year!
> This was the 10th year that it was offered, and 32 guides showed up to 
> offer help to 24 participants. We had 30 boats on the water, and we want 
> to thank Lee’s Sporting Goods for the use of their boats as well as their 
> people.
> Chris Lee worked construction until 1992 when he joined the family 
> business that his dad started in 1954. When asked about his interest in 
> helping with Kayak for Light, he said he has always loved being outdoors. 
> He was a scout, liked backpacking, kayaking, and canoeing. He loves the 
> water. Besides that, he said, “It beats doing paperwork!”
> Rocky and I had the pleasure of interviewing some of the participants in 
> this year’s Kayak for Light. Most of them came because of their 
> involvement with the Commission for the Blind. Here is what we learned 
> from this very interesting group of people:
> Alex, 22, is from Flint. This was her first time kayaking and she stated, 
> “It was fun! I want to come back.” When she is not kayaking, she enjoys 
> playing music.
> Chris, 30, was also here as a first-timer. People told him he was a 
> natural at kayaking. “I love it!” he said. He writes short stories and 
> poetry.
> Jessica, 33, is from Holland. “It’s fun!” she said. She did not want to 
> come out of the water.
> Osman, 19, is from Hastings where he will be a senior this year. “It was 
> so cool!” he said about his first time kayaking. He is on the wrestling 
> team, runs track and plays glow ball.
> Norma, 41, is from Sterling. Although this was her first time in a kayak, 
> she has canoed, gone tubing, and rafting. She said it felt good and she 
> really liked it. Now her daughter, Skye, aged 19, can guide her.
> Kristin, 17, is a junior at Coopersville High School. It was her first 
> time and she thought it was pretty cool. “It’s less tiring than canoeing”, 
> she said. She likes to read and listen to country music. She sings in her 
> school choir.
> Kim, 23 and Diana, 26, are sisters. It was their 2nd time kayaking. They 
> both agree that it is enjoyable. They also enjoy playing music, reading 
> books and camping at state parks.
> Sherry, 48, is from Kalamazoo. She has been to Kayak for Light for the ten 
> years that it has been held. “I’m a dare-devil”, she said. “Fast is good.” 
> (Rocky said it takes 2 guides to keep up with her). She plays goal ball 
> (the ball has bells in it). This year she even went skydiving. “It was 
> awesome!”
> Geri, 53, is from Farmington Hills. She is attending for the 4th time. She 
> came with her son Jason and his girlfriend, Kaitlin. She says she will try 
> almost anything. She participates in Ski for Light, rides tandem bikes, 
> and is looking for a kayak partner on the east side of the state.
> Rich and Nancy Newman came along to help guide. They have been 
> canoeing/kayaking for 50 years. Rich said Nancy would not marry him until 
> he bought a kayak. Their youngest son, Bill, has been kayaking since he 
> was 3 and has written 2 Guidebooks for Sea Kayaking.
> David and Hunter Halley, from Richland, attended the WMCKA Symposium and 
> heard about Kayak for Light. They have tandem kayaks so they decided to 
> come and help guide. Hunter really enjoyed it and said, “It was a piece of 
> cake.”
> Tim and Jackie are from Kalamazoo. They work for The Commission for the 
> Blind as the Activity Center Directors. They love their jobs, applying 
> what they learn at the center. They are both legally blind and serve as 
> role models for their students.
> Bill and Anne Keith have been organizing the Kayak for Light for 10 years. 
> We are thankful for their hard work and dedication to this event. Ken 
> Nesbitt, who is both a WMKCA as well as a G.L.A.C. member, has become the 
> co-chair of this event, along with the Keith’s.
> Kayak for Light will be held this year on Saturday, July 10, 2010, from 10 
> am to 4 pm at the same location: Ramona Park, Portage, Michigan. Lunch 
> will be provided.
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