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Yes, this sounds very interesting, and I immediately thought of you when I 
saw it.
Hope it goes well.
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> Hey J j, Thanks for sharing the newsletter. I was going to put it on later 
> because I would like to bring special attention to the part about blind 
> birding in Detroit. The Detroit Audubon Society is getting something 
> goingfor blind people interested in learning by heearing birds in 
> southeastern Michigan. Pretty wonderful! Be blessed, Donna
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>> Happy Trails
>> Michigan Ski for Light Newsletter
>> Volume 4, Number 1
>> Spring, 2010
>> Editor’s note: We always need articles and ideas for the newsletter. 
>> Anyone who would like to volunteer to send an article or information may 
>> contact me:
>> ATTENTION: A. KEITH, NEWSLETTER EDITOR, at help at msfl.org
>> President’s Corner, by Kevin Ridsdale
>> Visions 2010 is an opportunity for people to experience products and 
>> services designed for people who cannot read print due to visual or 
>> physical limitations. Visions provide these consumers with a hands-on 
>> opportunity to try new low- and high-tech products.
>> Visions 2010 will be held on Wednesday, May 12, 2010, from 10 am to 4 pm
>> WashtenawCommunity College, Morris Lawrence Building, Ann Arbor, MI 
>> 48105.
>> The Michigan Ski for Light Summer Boardmeeting will be held at the home 
>> of John Root in Haslett, Michigan, on Saturday, June 12. For anyone 
>> interested, there will be golfing at Hawk Hollow (Mini-Hawk par 3 course) 
>> starting at 11 am.
>> MichiganSki for LightClothing and 2011 Wristbands Are Available
>> Order through the website www.msfl.org
>> MSFL Hoodies: $30.00, and add $3.00 for size 2XL or larger.
>> MSFL Sweatshirts: $25.00, and add $3.00 for size 2XL or larger.
>> MSFL 2011 wristbands: $2.00
>> Pictures Online from the 2010 Michigan Ski for Light eventprovided from 
>> Jim Ellickson and Bill Richards.
>> Link to Jim’s pictures,
>> https://www.photoshop.com/index.html?user=Ellickson&galleryid=fc0df317208049b1bcac4a7a218de02f&wf=share&trackingid=BTAGC
>> Link to Bill’s pictures,
>> www.crvonline.org
>> 1. Go to Photo archives.
>> 2. Search for pictures.
>> 3. Catagory MichiganSki for Light (stay in the category).
>> 4. Search line 2010 MSFL gets all of the pictures.
>> The January 2011 Michigan Ski for Light eventwill be held on January 
>> 14-16, 2011. Website registration will open on October 1, 2010. We have 
>> MSFL DVDs free for anyone to use as fundraisers, and 2011 wristbands for 
>> fundraisers, as well.
>> MichiganSki for Light Event 2010, by Lois Alexander
>> Michigan Ski for Light 2010 had just enough snow, lots of sunshine, and 
>> an abundance of fun, fellowship, and laughter! Kathy Emig, retiring 
>> president of MSFL opened the 35th year the event with warm words, "This 
>> is like a family reunion. We are all a big family, including the 
>> participants, guides, park services, and Lions Club. No one is a stranger 
>> here." She noted that she did not know anyplace else you could go for a 
>> weekend where everyone becomes so cohesive in two days. Kevin Ridsdale, 
>> the new president, reported that this year’s event had 22 VIP (visually 
>> impaired participants), 1 (MIP) mobility impaired, 30 guides, 10 worker 
>> bees, and 30 folks housed at Westminster Camp where the CMU (Central 
>> Michigan University) students stay.
>> Everyone had great things to say about the weekend. Carol Ardis, from 
>> Grand Rapids, a first time attendee worker bee, noted, "Its great! A very 
>> positive experience. Everyone had fun! It was great watching the VIPs and 
>> MIPs enjoying themselves. Everyone participated."
>> Morgan Kuzava, a CMU student who had never skied before said, "I enjoyed 
>> it a lot! I even learned to ski! I definitely want to come back next 
>> year."
>> Steve and Jeff Couch, twelve-year-old twins from Flushing, attended for 
>> the first time. Donna Posont brought the twins, whom she met at Camp 
>> Tuhsmeheta. On Sunday morning, Jeff revealed that his feet hurt, more 
>> from dancing all evening that from the skiing! He was having such a good 
>> time that he did not want to leave the weekend! His brother agreed, 
>> noting that the whole weekend was awesome. Steve said, "The skiing was 
>> stupendous!" Donna has attended MSFL for five years, and says it just 
>> keeps getting better. She reported she had the most wonderful guides, 
>> Jessie Campbell, and Mark Bassord (all the way from England), because 
>> they helped her to visualize the beauty in the nature around them.
>> Jim Carter, a guide from Diamondale, revealed that it is a great learning 
>> experience for him. He used skills he learned last year to guide his VIP 
>> this year. "I've met a lot of really nice people this week that I would 
>> not have otherwise met."
>> Nino Pacini from Grosse Pointe reports that he enjoys the networking and 
>> meeting people from all over the state. He enjoys sharing information and 
>> technology. His wife, Marie Pacini, conveyed that they have been very 
>> involved in the MSFL International and want to get involved at the state 
>> level. She said, "Michigan Ski for Light is just so cool. We want to make 
>> sure it continues.” Both VIP's, they will be training guides at the 
>> International Ski for Light in Provo, Utah, during the first week in 
>> February. Nino helped train the guides this year at the MacMullan Center, 
>> too.
>> G. John Schmidt, a guide from Minnesota, has also been very involved in 
>> the International Ski for Light. Attending the event at Higgins Lake for 
>> the first time, he has previously been involved in 4 regional events in 
>> the Black Hills area, and 4 events in Norway. John advised, "We all have 
>> a message and obligation in life and we owe it to share and help others."
>> John was attending as a guide to Ivonne Mosquera, also a first time MSFL 
>> attendee, who is very involved in sports. She loss her vision at age 2 
>> and has been participating in marathons and triathlons for several years. 
>> As a matter of fact, Ivonne won the Gold Metal at the World Triathlon 
>> Championship in Australia. She completes on the USA Triathlon team. Her 
>> first Ski for Light was in 2005 at the International event in Granby, 
>> Colorado. There, Ivonne won the Jan Haug award, given for a first time 
>> participant that demonstrated the most inspiration. The prize was a full 
>> set of skis that she uses now. Ivonne said that her favorite part about 
>> MSFL was that it is such an inclusive and embracing setting.
>> Michaela Root, the new MSFL secretary, has been attending MSFL for 16 
>> years, since she was 8 years old. She indicates that the event has had an 
>> impact on her since the time she was young. She says, "I get a lot of joy 
>> out of helping people, seeing them smiling and giggling. This may be 
>> their only time to get outside in the winter. It makes me happy."
>> Her father, John Root, has been involved in the organization for 33 
>> years. He too reports that he enjoys people having a good time. He enjoys 
>> seeing the VIPs and MIPs realize that they can do something like this and 
>> sees the confidence they develop by participating in the skiing.
>> Debbie Wahr, from DeWitt, MI, has been a participant for eleven years. 
>> She proudly displays the pins from MSLF on her hat. She keeps coming back 
>> because she loves to cross country ski and this is the only time each 
>> year that she has a chance to do it.
>> Bill Richards was one of the founders of MSFL. He still attends at age 82 
>> and loves meeting everyone and watching the group have a wonderful time. 
>> Bill had a great time talking with everyone telling stories, taking 
>> pictures of the event, and sharing memories of the many events.
>> MSFL is all about people and relationships. There is a great amount of 
>> preparation for MSFL, as well as work during the weekend to make it 
>> happen. We share in gratitude for all those who make the weekend 
>> possible.
>> The following article concerns “birding” for the blind and visually 
>> impaired in the Detroit area:
>> My name is Rochelle Breitenbach. I am a member of the Detroit Audubon 
>> Society. I would like to know if you know of any blind or visually 
>> impaired people (and friends/family) who may be interested in learning 
>> about birding. It's a fun way to be outdoors while you are waiting for 
>> snow! Migration and nesting season are fast approaching, so this is the 
>> perfect time for beginners to learn and practice identifying songs and 
>> calls of birds common to SE Michigan.
>> Our plan is to schedule several listening/practice sessions according to 
>> the availability of the attendees, and then go out into the field some 
>> time in mid-May so they can show off their new skills. We frequently use 
>> the Southfield Recreation Center for meetings and events, but there is 
>> flexibility according to participant needs.
>> I have focused on the blind and visually impaired because I believe this 
>> is an under served population who would really enjoy a program like this, 
>> but anyone is more than welcome to attend the sessions and outings. I 
>> understand there may be transportation and other challenges, but I figure 
>> one step at a time. First step: find interested people. Oh, by the way, 
>> there is no charge for this program.
>> For more information on the Detroit Audubon Society, you can visit our 
>> website: www.detroitaudubon.org. Please call me with any questions and 
>> for more info. Please also give my name and number to any potential 
>> participants. Rochelle Breitenbach: home - 248 698 3549or cell - 586 202 
>> 6498.
>> Ski for Light International News
>> The 36th annual 2011 Ski for Light International Week will take place 
>> from January 30 through February 6, 2011, in the Rocky Mountains at Snow 
>> Mountain Ranch in Granby, Colorado. Snow Mountain Ranch, near Winter Park 
>> and part of the YMCA of the Rockies, has more than 80k of wide and 
>> wonderfully groomed trails.
>> It is consistently rated one of the top Nordic venues in the country. 
>> Seven previous SFL events have been held there, dating from 1992 through 
>> most recently 2006, so you can tell from our return in 2011 that we have 
>> had great experiences there in the past.
>> New this year will be the lodging arrangements. We will be staying on the 
>> grounds of Snow Mountain Ranch in their three hotel buildings. This will 
>> allow attendees to ski from their hotel building right on to the trails.
>> Come back to this site www.sfl.orgin July for more information about SFL 
>> 2011, and easy-to-complete online application forms.
>> Char Kimball, a guide and an active member of the West Michigan Coastal 
>> Kayakers’ Association, wrote the following article about Kayak for Light 
>> 2009. Thanks to everyone who turned out for Kayak for Light this year!
>> This was the 10th year that it was offered, and 32 guides showed up to 
>> offer help to 24 participants. We had 30 boats on the water, and we want 
>> to thank Lee’s Sporting Goods for the use of their boats as well as their 
>> people.
>> Chris Lee worked construction until 1992 when he joined the family 
>> business that his dad started in 1954. When asked about his interest in 
>> helping with Kayak for Light, he said he has always loved being outdoors. 
>> He was a scout, liked backpacking, kayaking, and canoeing. He loves the 
>> water. Besides that, he said, “It beats doing paperwork!”
>> Rocky and I had the pleasure of interviewing some of the participants in 
>> this year’s Kayak for Light. Most of them came because of their 
>> involvement with the Commission for the Blind. Here is what we learned 
>> from this very interesting group of people:
>> Alex, 22, is from Flint. This was her first time kayaking and she stated, 
>> “It was fun! I want to come back.” When she is not kayaking, she enjoys 
>> playing music.
>> Chris, 30, was also here as a first-timer. People told him he was a 
>> natural at kayaking. “I love it!” he said. He writes short stories and 
>> poetry.
>> Jessica, 33, is from Holland. “It’s fun!” she said. She did not want to 
>> come out of the water.
>> Osman, 19, is from Hastings where he will be a senior this year. “It was 
>> so cool!” he said about his first time kayaking. He is on the wrestling 
>> team, runs track and plays glow ball.
>> Norma, 41, is from Sterling. Although this was her first time in a kayak, 
>> she has canoed, gone tubing, and rafting. She said it felt good and she 
>> really liked it. Now her daughter, Skye, aged 19, can guide her.
>> Kristin, 17, is a junior at Coopersville High School. It was her first 
>> time and she thought it was pretty cool. “It’s less tiring than canoeing”, 
>> she said. She likes to read and listen to country music. She sings in her 
>> school choir.
>> Kim, 23 and Diana, 26, are sisters. It was their 2nd time kayaking. They 
>> both agree that it is enjoyable. They also enjoy playing music, reading 
>> books and camping at state parks.
>> Sherry, 48, is from Kalamazoo. She has been to Kayak for Light for the 
>> ten years that it has been held. “I’m a dare-devil”, she said. “Fast is 
>> good.” (Rocky said it takes 2 guides to keep up with her). She plays goal 
>> ball (the ball has bells in it). This year she even went skydiving. “It 
>> was awesome!”
>> Geri, 53, is from Farmington Hills. She is attending for the 4th time. 
>> She came with her son Jason and his girlfriend, Kaitlin. She says she 
>> will try almost anything. She participates in Ski for Light, rides tandem 
>> bikes, and is looking for a kayak partner on the east side of the state.
>> Rich and Nancy Newman came along to help guide. They have been 
>> canoeing/kayaking for 50 years. Rich said Nancy would not marry him until 
>> he bought a kayak. Their youngest son, Bill, has been kayaking since he 
>> was 3 and has written 2 Guidebooks for Sea Kayaking.
>> David and Hunter Halley, from Richland, attended the WMCKA Symposium and 
>> heard about Kayak for Light. They have tandem kayaks so they decided to 
>> come and help guide. Hunter really enjoyed it and said, “It was a piece 
>> of cake.”
>> Tim and Jackie are from Kalamazoo. They work for The Commission for the 
>> Blind as the Activity Center Directors. They love their jobs, applying 
>> what they learn at the center. They are both legally blind and serve as 
>> role models for their students.
>> Bill and Anne Keith have been organizing the Kayak for Light for 10 
>> years. We are thankful for their hard work and dedication to this event. 
>> Ken Nesbitt, who is both a WMKCA as well as a G.L.A.C. member, has become 
>> the co-chair of this event, along with the Keith’s.
>> Kayak for Light will be held this year on Saturday, July 10, 2010, from 
>> 10 am to 4 pm at the same location: Ramona Park, Portage, Michigan. Lunch 
>> will be provided.
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