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More thoughts on this meeting:

One, I've always been disgusted with the "Jerry Lewis Telethon" portion of 
these annual meetings. They are exploitative, actually promte stereotypes, 
and are just puffery for this ersatz commission. But, they actually reveal 
how pathetic they are at their over all mission of developing employed blind 
folks in competative employment and of rehabilitation the elderly blind so 
that they can live independently in their communities en masse.

Now if we look at the reality within the BEP program itself and within MCB 
itself we have seen dozens of firings, license or other scandels, or 
retirements of functionally blind folks who for the most part have been 
replaced, if replaced at all, by lessor qualified sighted people. Nothing, 
against sighted folks mind you, but it is not the mission of MCB to find 
employment for poorly qualified or even non-qualified sighted people!

This meeting is also interesting in that there is no public comment after 
these speakers, but rather it is slated before. Guess Cannon and all don't 
wish to have the likes of people like myself refute their lies ...

And believe me, ladies and gentlement there will be a whole lot of lying 
going on, or at lleast a whole lot of lying by ommission.

Anyway I think they weould serve the public more if they actually read a 
detailed accounting of how they spent money in the last fiscal year for all 
to hear. But, no we wouldn't wish for that type of transparency would we?

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They'll need the entire day just to deal properly with the BEP portion of 
this thing.

As for Richard Kent's case, the so-called "full evidentiary hearing" was 
anything but fair and complete.  Mr. Kent's side was not
given the opportunity to present witnesses, the Commission's side was the 
only one heard, the BEP's witnesses were not sequestered
during the proceeding, and the same randomly-selected ALJ who has been 
getting the last dozen or so cases presided over the mess.  I
know, I was there.  Mead never even asked for identification of those in the 
hearing room at the start of the process.

I can only hope that others who have more specific knowledge of the details 
of the Kent case will speak out loudly and clearly to
the Commission Board in the short time before the 12-10 meeting.

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Oh, cannon didn't include this agenda for next Friday in his post to the MCB 
20-20 list serve. However, it was buried as a link to
the meeting on MCB's web site. Here it is:






9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

  Live audio streaming of the meeting will be available online

at approximately 9:00 am at the MCB Web site at www.michigan.gov/mcb


To listen to the Commission meeting over the telephone dial:


Passcode:         7502991#


I.                   Committee of the Whole 
9:00 - 10:00

·        Vice Chair Selection

·        Commissioners Standing Committee Assignments

·        Discussion on Commissioners Advocacy Roles

·        Reports on Commissioner Activities

·        Issues/Questions from Previous Meeting

·        Director's 2010 Evaluation & 2011 Performance Objectives

·        Other


II.                 Call to Order, Roll Call, and Determination of Quorum - 
Ms. Jo Ann Pilarski, Chairperson
10:00 - 10:15

III.              Approval of August 27, 2010 Meeting Minutes - MCB Board

IV.             Approval of Director's 2010 Evaluation & 2011 Performance 
Objectives - MCB Board

V.               Board Correspondence

VI.             PUBLIC COMMENT** 
10:15 - 10:30

VII.          Presentation of MCB Honor Roll Awards            10:30 - 11:45

LUNCH (Note: Lunch provided to award winners and their guests, commissioners 
and participating staff)             11:45 - 1:15

1:15 - 1:30

IX.             Administrative Reports 
1:30 - 3:00

·        Business Enterprise Program Report - Mr. James Hull, Acting BEP 

o       BEP Ad Hoc Committee Update

o       Upward Mobility Resolution

o       Administrative Law Judge Recommendation:  Richard Kent

·        Elected Operators Committee Report - Mr. James Chaney

o       Motion 1:  All operators' accumulated points will be frozen as of 
the date that the new selection point system is
implemented and will then be added to as earned under the new selection 
point system.

o       Motion 2:  From the date the new selection point system is 
implemented or from date of first agreement:  Licensed operators
accumulate 3 points per year of service.  Temporary operators accumulate ½ 
point per year of service.  Potential operators
(including those who are working for an Operator) accumulate 0 points.

o       Motion #3:  Profit Expectation (based on the previous 12 month 
average):  An operator is given 1 point for exceeding their
facility's profit expectation.  If an operator, who has been granted a 
profit percentage exception, exceeds the facility's
permanently assigned profit percentage expectation, the operator is awarded 
one point for exceeding the permanently assigned profit
percentage expectation.

o       Motion #4:  Training (from implementation of new selection point 
system):  Bidders are awarded 2 points for attending
mandatory training (e.g. annual

Workshop) and have the opportunity to earn 1 point for any training that has 
been pre approved by the Training Subcommittee with a
limit of 3 points per year. Training does not include the initial, basic 
vending stand training.

o       Motion #5:  EOC membership, active subcommittee participation and 
OJE trainer (from implementation of new selection point
system):  Bidders are awarded 2 points per year for EOC membership or active 
subcommittee participation, limited 2 points per year.
An active subcommittee member needs to attend a minimum of 2 subcommittee 
meetings per year and two EOC meetings per year.  An
operator must complete one year on a subcommittee or in the EOC before 
points can be awarded.

o       Motion #6:  OJE training (from implementation of new selection point 
system):  Bidders are awarded 1 point for each OJE
student trained with a maximum of 4 points per year.

o       Motion #7:  Evaluation:  maximum of 2 points awarded.  The most 
current operator annual evaluation is scored by an
operator's promotional agent on a scale of 0(low) to 2(high).  This 
component uses the raw annual evaluation score (i.e. 0, 1, 2).

o       Motion #8:  The Set-aside fee:  Points are deducted for each month 
the set-aside fee was received after the due date.  For
the purposes of bid evaluation, set-aside fee payments for the most recent 
12 months are reviewed and 1 point is deducted for each
late set-aside fee payment.

o       Motion #9:  Those points no longer are removed from an operator who 
fails to meet their required profit expectation.

o       Motion #10:  That a meeting of all operators be held on December 11, 
2010, in order to discuss and vote on whether to use
the Set Aside fund to pay the required 3% Health Care Trust Fund 

o       Motion #11:  Motion for claiming points: When an operator is 
requesting points, he/she will have 30 days from actual date of
attending such event and/or training to submit all necessary paperwork 
(event paperwork - summary, event brochure, proof of
attendance - name badge preferred from event) (training paperwork - 
instructor will submit written documentation of operator's
training with dates of attendance) required to the chair of training 
committee for review. The chair will have 30 days to review and
send copies of operator's papers with written approval from the chair to 
award the operator the points. Then the BEP manager will
have 30 days to also review and enter the points into the operator point 
system database and upon completion the BEP manager must
submit back to the chair and operator proof of receipt that the points have 
been entered.

*Note* shall this motion pass, all operator will have 30 days from actual 
date of passing this motion to send in any outstanding
points they may be saving to the training committee chair for review and 
written approval to the BEP manager. THIS IS A ONE TIME
of this information, the BEP manager will have 30 days to
review and enter such points and send back confirmation receipt to the 
training chair and operator.

2nd Note** if this motion passes the agency(Michigan Commission for the 
Blind) must send notice out to all operators to inform them
of this motion via U.S. Postal Service and also on the bid line for four 

o       Motion #12:  That the new standards and requirements of OJE Trainers 
be accepted as attached.

o       Motion #13:  That anyone who has taken the Train the Trainers course 
in 2010 be certified as a trainer should the previous
motion {Motion 12} pass.

o       Motion #14:  Motion for Inventory Policy: To adapt the inventory 
policy from a trial bases to a permanent bases with the
policy applying to only BEP licensed operators.

o       Motion #15:  To accept the existing Practical Experience Vending 
Stand Training program as written in the proposal dated
7/28/10, with the following amendments:

§        The line "Anyone who has had their license revoked or has left the 
program for any reason will not be eligible for
retraining under the PEVST," will be removed.

§        The amendment" At the conclusion of classroom training, PEVST 
students shall be required to pass a final examination with a
75 percent score or higher prior to certification," will be added.

·        Consumer Services Report - Mr. Leamon Jones, Consumer Services 

-         Maintenance Policy (Action Item)

·        Director's Report - Mr. Patrick Cannon, State Director

-         Final RSA Monitoring Report

-         Training Center Renovations

X.               Adjournment 

**NOTE: Public comment may be submitted during the meeting from 9:30-12:00 
via email to mcbpubliccomments at gmail.com.  Emails
received outside of this time frame are not considered part of Public 

The meeting site is accessible.  Individuals attending the meeting are 
requested to refrain from using heavily scented personal care
products in order to enhance accessibility for everyone.  People with 
disabilities requiring additional accommodations (such as
materials in alternative format) in order to participate in the meeting 
should call Sue Luzenski at 517/335-4265 by December 7,

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