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This goes to the training meeting that was held today...

MCB New Employee Orientation Procedure


Michigan Commission for the Blind

New Employee Orientation Procedure

(updated February 2007)


Before start date: (To be completed by the supervisor or designee)

List of 9 items (contains 2 nested lists)

• Send an email to all staff announcing the new hire.

• Make sure the phone is hooked up in the office.

• Order nameplate for outside of office.

• Make sure the office is clean and ready to go.

• Set up office with the following items:

List of 5 items nesting level 1 (contains 1 nested list)

• MCB phone list

• Regular phonebook

• Copy of each MCB brochure currently available

• A copy of the "Gilmore" placement notebook

• Instructions on how to find these documents online (Send this page to the new employee as an email attachment, so the active links can be clicked on to

get the documents.):

List of 5 items nesting level 2

• MCB Policy Manual (on the MCB website under Resources at


• State of Michigan Telephone Directory on the Michigan Department of Information Technology (DIT) website at


and the state of Michigan phone and email lookup page on the DIT website at

http://www.state.mi.us/dit/directory.aspx .

• The Directory of Visually Impaired Services at


• The MCB Orientation Manual on the MCB website under Overview at


• Rehabilitation Act on the U.S. Department of Education website at


with a link to this site included in the online MCB Orientation Manual.

list end nesting level 2

list end nesting level 1

• Schedule a "welcome meeting" with the MCB director as soon as possible.

• Make arrangements with DIT staff to set up computer, explain log-in procedure, and other related information.

• Determine date for new employee orientation with DLEG Office of Human Resources.

• Identify peer mentors.

list end


Week 1

List of 18 items (contains 1 nested list)

• Meet with supervisor at least 30 minutes every day (or peer mentors, if necessary).

• Sign driver form and confidentiality form, if applicable.

• Complete security paperwork and arrange training on the MAIN system.

• Discuss the supervisor's expectation of the new employee.

• Introduce new employee to all staff in the office.

• Tour the work area - identify break areas, restrooms, snack bar, bulletin boards, calendars, meeting rooms, etc.

• Review employee's position description and provide a copy of it to the individual.

• Discuss confidentiality and case management procedures.

• Provide information and discussion on various laws and regulations related to disability and vocational rehabilitation (VR) issues.

• Provide a copy of the agency organizational chart.

• Allow time for review of the MCB Orientation Manual.

• Discuss issues such as:

List of 15 items nesting level 1

• work hours

• schedule of pay days

• procedures for calling in sick

• how to request leave

• initial 16 hours of personal leave

• accumulating and using annual or sick leave

• obtaining a state ID card

• use of state cars

• reserving conference/meeting rooms

• travel vouchers

• travel advances

• time and attendance forms

• requesting supplies

• office emergency procedures

• flextime policy

list end nesting level 1

• Meet with the administrator of the Consumer Services Division.

• Learn how to use email, state phones, mail system, and other necessary office equipment.

• Become familiar with voicemail and email etiquette guidelines.

• Schedule System 7 and other necessary computer training.

• Give demo of MCB's website and DLEG's intranet.

• Begin process of reviewing files on the caseload.

list end


Week 2

List of 8 items (contains 1 nested list)

• Meet with supervisor at least 30 minutes every day.

• Meet with administrative support person each day.

• If necessary, begin training program for writing IPEs, eligibility statements, case notes, etc.

• Make appointments to visit and observe each of the following:

List of 14 items nesting level 1

• Business Enterprise Program

• Each regional and assistant regional supervisor

• Counselors involved in job development and job placement activities

• DeafBlind Program

• Selected VR counselors and VR teachers in various field offices

• Selected IL teachers

• MCB Training Center

• Information Technology (IT) support staff

• Administrative Services secretary

• Case reviewer/training coordinator

• Mini Adjustment Program

• Commission board meeting

• Consumer Involvement Council (CIC) meeting

• Various community rehabilitation programs (CRPs), e.g., Visually Handicapped Services at Detroit Receiving Hospital, Community Mental Health (CMH), Centers

for Independent Living (CILs), etc.

list end nesting level 1

• Learn about the Youth Low Vision Program

• Sit in on a low-vision exam with a consumer

• Familiarize the employee with the different consumer organizations

• Continue to review case files

list end


Week 3

List of 8 items

• Meet with the supervisor at least 30 minutes a day.

• Meet with the administrative support person each day.

• Have supervisor, designee, or mentor introduce employee to significant contacts at community rehab agencies.

• Make arrangements to meet with the local MRS counselor and/or supervisor.

• Work with staff to learn process of job placement, job development, and employer development.

• Begin process of learning about MCB funding, budgets, and cash-match agreements.

• Learn purchasing guidelines, use of procurement cards, service authorizations, etc.

• With help from supervisor, begin process of prioritizing services to consumers.

list end


Weeks 4-9

List of 6 items

• Attend classes and orientation at the MCB Training Center including at least one night in a dorm room. While it is typical for new staff to stay at the

training center for two weeks of sleep-shade training, the length of stay will be determined by mutual agreement of the employee's supervisor, the director

of the MCB Training Center, and the employee. They will complete an outline of objectives to be accomplished while at the MCB Training Center.

• Begin making appointments to meet with clients.

• Field work for the next two weeks should be accompanied by supervisor, assistant supervisor, or mentor.

• Continue to meet with supervisor on a daily basis.

• Supervisors should review and sign off on IPEs, case notes, eligibility statements, etc.

• New staff should identify ongoing needs for training and coordinate opportunities for professional development with supervisor, e.g., job placement, medical

issues, etc.

list end

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