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Michigan Commission for the Blind

Survey Results of MCB Training Center




Total Participant Names                   189                                                        


                 One person seriously ill             1                                                   

                 Phone Numbers Disconnected       41                                                              

                 Didn’t Respond to Phone Calls       76                                                              


                 Total Respondents            71           40% Percentage of Respondents                  


Survey Questions                                                                            


1       Did you attend a mini-adjustment program prior to attending MCBTC?

                                                                  Yes No      Total Respondents      

                                                                  25   44      69                                  




2       Did you tour the MCBTC prior to attending MCBTC?     

                                                                  Yes No      Total Respondents

                                                                  34   37      71                                  


                        Got tour first day attended                                                                


3       Overall, how well did the MCBTC administration communicate the policies and guidelines governing the MCBTC and its programs?

                                                   Poor              Fair    Very Well 

                                                           1    2     3  4    5   Total    % above 4  

                                                           1    1     10      23 33  68       82%         


§        Instructions should be verbalized more than just receiving written notice                                                                                

§        Received info through mail and was hard to read; needed a cassette, it would have been helpful - Detroit Office counselor was helpful                                                                                

§        Gave us a handbook                                                             

§        Was provided a packet; staff is open in providing info                                                                                         

4       Overall, how fairly and uniformly did the MCBTC administration administer the policies and guidelines governing the MCBTC and its programs?

                                                   Poor              Fair    Very Well             

                                                   1      2    3     4  5    Total   % above 4         

                                                   2      0    1     6  28 37       92%          


§        There were a couple of issues, but staff took care of                                                     

§        Felt there was discrimination towards older people vs. younger people; one staff                                                                 

§        Person said budget (80%) was geared toward younger people 

§        As a student, can’t really judge this                                                         


     5       Overall, how satisfied were you with the range of subjects offered for training at the MCBTC?                                     

                                                   Very Dissatisfied    Satisfied   Very Satisfied                 

                                                   1      2    3     4  5    Total   % above 4

                                                   2      3    13   21      32 71        75%             


§        Some were real good and some you weren’t happy                              

§        Wasn’t satisfied with computer program                                       

§        Better than expected                                                             

§        Was disappointed; was asked to sit in classes that I didn’t need; and couldn’t have the time in classes I needed; kept telling counselor what I needed and they didn’t change classes; I didn’t need woodshop or Braille; I wanted to focus on technology         

§        Was pleased with some and others need maybe revamped to meet needs of the disabilities

§        Enjoyed the variety, from the hard to the easy classes                                                                              

      6         Overall, how satisfied were you with the quality of the instruction you received at the MCBTC?                                     

                                                   Very Dissatisfied    Satisfied   Very Satisfied                 

                                                   1      2    3     4  5    Total   % above 4         

                                                   0      3    12   24      31 70        79%             


§        Some classes were good, some weren’t (2)             

§        Disappointed with computer training; needed more general instruction; mobility and Braille training was excellent

§        Depending on teacher; some better than others       

§        People that were teaching were very knowledgeable

§        Everyone was very professional

§        Everyone was great

§        Was satisfied but for one thing, I was computer liberate; I needed to learn from the bottom up- it was hard to catch-up and couldn’t get teachers to slow down                                                           


7       Overall, how satisfied were you with the scheduling of your classes during your training at the MCBTC?

                                                   Very Dissatisfied    Satisfied   Very Satisfied                 

                                                   1      2    3     4  5    Total   % above 4                            1                 4                                10    18  38   71           79%         


§        This current session, schedules for both teachers and students didn’t always match up                                                        

§        Had health issues, got tired easily                                                        

§        Was in tears at times because of the schedule

§        Some things I was happy with but had too much down time; maybe let students do other classes to fill the time if they want

§        Couple of time had an issue and MCB wouldn’t let me drop when wanted other classes; thought it could been handled differently; had to take a class I didn’t need                                                             

8     Overall, how satisfied were you with the classroom equipment and accommodations at the MCBTC?   

                                                   Very Dissatisfied    Satisfied   Very Satisfied                 

                                                   1      2    3     4  5    Total   % above 4         

                                                   1      3    4     20      42 70        89%             


§        Didn’t receive the training I felt I needed

§        Facility didn’t have adequate humidity in winter and had a problem; it was too dry                                                          

§        For visual disability was satisfied; but not for my hearing disability                                                                            

§        Didn’t use equipment and didn’t need accommodations

§        Computer room – had trouble getting computer up to speed and it was very frustrating                                                           


9     Overall, how satisfied were you with the counseling you received during your stay at the MCBTC?

                                                   Very Dissatisfied    Satisfied   Very Satisfied                 

                                                   1      2    3     4  5    Total   % above 4

                                                   3      2    10   19      37 71        79%             


§        First time I was dissatisfied; second time I was satisfied

§        Counselor was great                                                          

§        I liked my counselor very much                                                   

§        Counselor was nice but felt I didn’t get useful counseling

§        Counselor tried to discourage you rather than encourage you

§        Didn’t receive counseling                                                   

§        Counseling was the strongest point I could give; was excellent and didn’t take  over things – explained things in plain language                                                                                 

10   Overall, how satisfied were you with the personal interaction you had with all members of the MCBTC staff?

                                                   Very Dissatisfied    Satisfied   Very Satisfied                 

                                                   1      2    3     4  5    Total   % above 4         

                                                   2      1    6     18      44 71        87%             


§        Very satisfied                                                             

§        Excellent with most staff; had a problem with one teacher (he disclosed some personal info to a counselor)                  

§        Mobility and Braille instructors were good; mobility instructor had good common sense                                                   

§        Most were better than others                                                       

§        Good group                                                         

§        Great staff                                                           

§        Staff was good and able to work within their budget limitations

§        Everyone was helpful                                                          


11   Overall, how satisfied were you with the evening and weekend activities and evening and weekend programming at the MCBTC?

                                                   Very Dissatisfied    Satisfied   Very Satisfied                 

                                                   1      2    3     4  5    Total   % above 4         

                                                   3      6    11   16      28 64  69%          


§        Thought it was cool to provide activities 

§        Stayed in room in evenings and went home on weekends

§        Wasn’t there on weekends (3)

§        Was sorry when program was discontinued

§        Wasn’t much (2)                                                        

§        Need to change weekend activities; need better subjects

§        Day student only (4)                                                            

§        Didn’t stay for weekends; hands were tied due to budget cuts

§        Wasn’t much going on during week for me personally

§        Need more help; wasn’t organized; asked students for suggestions on what to do; never seemed to have any ideas

§        Didn’t attend activities                                                         

§        While they had it – it was great.  But it was abolished due to budget cuts.                                                                     

§        Due to budget cuts, activities cut (2)

§        Could have been more offered; doing the same stuff all the time

§        Were no programs – only program offered was shopping

§        On weekends, things could have been different

§        One time it would be good, another time it wasn’t

§        Only one person on staff and did best she could

§        Didn’t stay on campus                                                                  

§        Not a lot to do                                                            

§        Was mobile and no problem with weekends                                                                                        

12   Overall, how satisfied were you with the meals and eating arrangements during your training at the MCBTC?     

                                                   Very Dissatisfied    Satisfied   Very Satisfied                 

                                                   1      2    3     4  5    Total   % above 4         

                                                   1      1    13   21      35 71        79%             


§        People in cafeteria were wonderful – they made an effort to learn everyone’s name                                                       

§        Low score because she’s a picky eater 

§        Kitchen staff was great and always made a bag to take home with him                                                                             

§        Sometimes food was good, sometimes not    

§        Good cooks, served balanced & nutritional meals.  Worked individually with each person

§        Not enough fiber in the food especially for older people – had to purchase her own cereal                                                                                                                                               


13   Overall, how satisfied were you with the housing furnishings and accommodations at the MCBTC?                          

                                                   Very Dissatisfied    Satisfied   Very Satisfied                 

                                                   1      2    3     4  5    Total   % above 4

                                                   0      5    6     21      34 66        83%             


§        Had an accessible room                                                              

§        Day student only (4)                                                            

§        He’s a heavier sleeper and uses a Cpac; has migraines and one day overslept and friend knows how to wake him up and staff wouldn’t let friend wake him up.  Let friends help.           

§        Lighting in room was poor                             

§        Beginning was rough; heating wasn’t consistent; no humidity

§        Mattress was lousy                                                              

§        Didn’t stay on campus                                                                  

§        Beds were like sleeping on boards                                   

§        Learned new mattresses were recently purchased and they weren’t comfortable                                                         


14   Overall, how satisfied were you with the technology training at the MCBTC?         

                                                   Very Dissatisfied    Satisfied   Very Satisfied                 

                                                   1      2    3     4  5    Total   % above 4         

                                                   4      2    10   22      27 65        75%             


§        One instructor gave good instructions                               

§        Didn’t have any technology training (4)                    

§        Wished more explaining and hands on of the technology.  Proper explaining of programs  and where to get the programs  

§        Thought they could have done more in teaching her and felt was rushed through the training                                                           

§        Very disappointed                                                               

§        Taught some things on the computer but didn’t receive any other training on other assistive technology because I wasn’t going to work.                                                            

§        I was computer savvy, already knew the stuff                            

§        I was a tech guy and was in independent study- would like to see more advance classes                                                        

§        It’s geared for people who know computer                       

§        When taking computer classes – pushing her into JAWs – knew she was 60 and didn’t want JAWs  (just using internet-this is great) – Got “system access” – she liked the  program and bought it for home – price difference between programs - $300 vs. $900 –  program has everything and great program – great for chat room, e-mail, and internet – this is an easier program than JAWs to use and learn – interacts with other programs – great technical help with program plus emotional support                                                      

15   Overall, how beneficial was the training you received at the MCBTC for you and your family after you returned home?             

                                                   Not Beneficial   Beneficial       Very Beneficial               

                                                   1      2    3     4  5    Total   % above 4

                                                   3      3    10   18      36 70  77%          


§        Living independently now (2)                                              

§        Learned from other students and life skills class was worthwhile and instructor was good                                                   

§        Continuing to the use the skills I learned                                              

§        Helped me get around a little better, got his business started, learned new things                                                           

§        It was a humbling experience and very worthwhile                              

§        Gave guidelines for when I went to college – helped with equipment and Accommodations                                               

§        Still taking classes and living independently now                                 

§        Helped to get me out more at home and learned how to cook and alphabet in Braille                                                      

§        It helped a lot                                                             

§        I didn’t get what I needed from the computer, but took away a lot of other things                                                         

§        They tell you how they can help you when you get home, but then, they can’t help you                                                      

§        She’s 72 and living more independently                                               

§        Appreciated the training he received                                                    

§        Attended only one week for college assessment                                                                                       

16   Would you recommend this program to a friend or relative who is blind or visually impaired?

                                                   Never            Maybe           Always                         

                                                   1      2    3     4  5    Total   % above 4                            1                 2                                2      12  53   70           93%         


§        Have recommended – was very happy with program (2) 

§        Did talk with someone loosing their sight and they are planning to attend                                                                   

§        Depends on the needs each person has                                             

§        Have recommended to several individuals (5)                                     

§        It transformed my life                                                          

§        It is a good program (3)                                                               

§        Currently she highly recommends – but understands a number of staff will be retiring and not sure how program will be with new staff                                                                            

§        Thought it was great and was beneficial to him                                    

§        Someone recommended the program to him, so attended                

§        Really enjoyed his time there                                             

§        Would recommend depending on the person                                     

§        But tell them beware of computer class if they don’t have computer skills                                                                     

§        Attended for one week due to college assessment                                                                                        

General Comments:                                                                     

·        Not happy with training center  

·        Didn’t see point in learning Braille when still had vision left                                                                      

·        More communication with staff person on what each person needs                                                         

·        I didn’t receive good communication from Regional Office Counselor – we had opposite views- she wouldn’t listen to what I wanted

·        Depending when people went blind – people have different levels                                                          

·        Person talked with him about jobs and talked down to him because he held various jobs

·        Great for people who are blind, but when has partial sight – they don’t need certain classes

·        Forced to take a cooking class or go home – so he packed his bags and left – was option told to him by Regional Office Counselor

·        Some stuff was good   

·        Had to do things their way and not his way

·        Regional Office Counselor was set in her ways and what she thought vs. what client needs

·        Regional Office counselor would say he couldn’t afford AT and wouldn’t show him things    

·        She’s over 80 – had zoom test training and couldn’t get it to work right at home (I suggested she call MCB)

·         Was challenged by the previous director and she was a great person and inspiration to him and other

·        Concerned about staff being of almost same age- that all will leave about same time and take all  the wealth of their expertise with them

·        Should stress to clients to be better physically shape to get around – need keyboarding instructions/practice for folks lacking those skills

·        Find out what each person needs are for computer

·        Only had one issue with teacher but teacher was gone

·        Everything was great – have trained him and he’s going to college now                                                      

·        Was very depressed before going there – it saved his life

·        He needs a certain notebook and can’t get counselor to return his call                                                        

·        Has been trying to contact his caseworkers and not one has returned his calls                                                       

·        Mobility training was on city things – need to work on other settings (i.e. Bike trails, camping, etc) where things are made for visual disabilities       

·        A day workshop for family members on limitations and what can do                                                               

·        It was wonderful, helpful, and hopeful (not so scared now)                                                                      

·        Thought the teachers/counselors were good at what they did – learned a lot

·        Blind instructors were fabulous

·        Keep doing what you are doing – staff is caring and knows what to do – they are on point- they listen to you.  

·        Couldn’t complete training to take care of dad and wants to resume training when she can 

·        It went well                                                        

·        Need to meet needs on all people, all ages

·        Had a great time and learned a lot – now has a job at MCBTC                                                                

·        Thought it was a great place – everyone was very friendly – met a lot of good friends 

·        Thought it should be more equitable services for blind and blind/deaf individuals

·        Upset with firing of the director of the training center       

·        They had two different ways of doing things Men – have more equipment for woodworking - $150 to spend in this class Women had no budget – showed you how to knit and crochet – no equipment-no money to spend yarn   

·        Was a good program – things got done timely                          

·        More programs related to obtaining employment                      

·        Good job if you are staying at home, but need help to do what she can do                                                        

·        Seems to only assist blind and not so much for low vision individuals – they look at everyone as being blind and not all are full blind and don’t recognize low vision as much    

·        Won’t allow you to work at your level                                 

·        They need to be more open – listen to them of what they want – not dictate it so much                                       

·        Hasn’t had any follow-up from staff – has questions about paying for equipment for college                         

·        A super teacher                                                         

·        Awesome director – she understood blindness – was a mistake to get rid of her  

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