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Practical Experience Vending Stand Training (PEVST)


Proposed:  7/28/10


Prerequisites for candidates include:


1.    Job shadow

2.    Interview with BEP trainer (resume required) the Trainer will recommend an individual based on the following criteria:  At least a year of verifiable food service and or related experience. The individual must demonstrate independence in the skills of blindness.  The individual must demonstrate professionalism and business attitudes throughout the process of application for VST.  Anyone who has had their license revoked or has left the program for any reason will not be eligible for retraining under the PEVST.

3.    BEP assessment

4.    Business math class or equivalent

5.    Food sanitation course (ServSafe)

6.    The trainee and VR Counselor will develop a written plan for necessary accommodations and this shall be provided at the second interview;

7.    ICHAT State Police background check 

8.    Second interview with Program Manager, EOC Chair, and either the Training sub committee chair or Promotional Agent for the facility


Training overview:


1.    Only snack bar or snack bar with vending will qualify as a training site.  Selected facilities will be no longer available on the bid line as an opportunity for existing operators.  These are facilities that have been available for four (4) or more bid cycles.  If an operator who is not eligible to bid notifies the Commission in writing of their intention to bid on a facility within the four (4) bid cycles of their interest in the facility, it will no longer be considered as a facility for PEVST.

2.    The BEP trainer will be responsible to work with the Promotional Agent for the equipment and maintenance needs of the facility. 

3.    The duration of the training will last one (1) year from the start of operations.

4.    A three person committee consisting of the Program Trainer, Promotional Agent, and a representative operator selected by the EOC shall be formed to meet with and assist the trainee on a regular basis in meeting training objectives and monitoring compliance to training standards;

5.    Prior to the start of operations in the facility, the student will spend two (2) weeks working in a classroom setting.  This training shall include:

a.     Monthly reporting

b.    Facility Business Plan

c.     Menu Planning

d.    BEP policies and procedures

e.    State and Federal employment laws

f.       Local health Department laws and regulations

g.    State and federal tax laws and employee withholdings

6.    During the PEVST, the trainee will continue to submit monthly reports and comply with all BEP rules, policies and procedures.   During the PEVST, trainee will pay all applicable fees in accordance with the program rules, policies and procedures.  The trainee also agrees to comply with all VST attendance requirements during the training and make them available during all VST training hours for program training.  This training is to include but is not limited to:  catering training; vending machine certification; customer service; portion controls; pricing; inventory controls.  At the conclusion of the training period, the three person committee shall make a recommendation to the Program Manager to certify successful completion or failure of the training.

7.    Should the trainee fail to maintain compliance or fail to  meet all training requirements, the three person training committee shall recommend at any time during the training to the Program Manager that the PEVST be discontinued;

8.    The Program Manager has the final determination on whether to remove the trainee from the PEVST.  A person who is removed from PEVST will still have the option to enter into the standard VST training, provided that they do not owe the Commission or suppliers any monies.  The Program Manager shall also be the one to certify successful completion of the PEVST and opportunity for licensing

9.    At the conclusion of the PEVST, the facility will be available on the bid line again and available to be bid on by all current and potential licensees, including the recent graduate of the PEVST.

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