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Again part of the requested MCB board packet just recieved:


Selection and Training Guidelines


Operators expressing an interest in becoming an OJE trainer may be recommended for selection by their applicable promotional agent and/or volunteer themselves.  An announcement requesting OJE trainers is placed on the bid line at the commencement of each Vending Stand Training (VST).  To become an OJE trainer, operators must be in compliance with all program rules, policies and guidelines, and their most recent evaluation must be satisfactory.  They must also be in the type of facility that they intend on training in for one year.  For example, a person who wants to train for vending must be currently in a location classified as a vending location and that person must have one years minimum experience in vending.  As is true for snack bar training.  Further, operators interested in becoming OJE trainers must make themselves available for a Training of Trainers (TOT).  TOT takes place in either a group setting and/or individual setting which is scheduled by the Business Enterprise Program (BEP) trainer/staff.


Upon completion of the TOT the trainer will be certified for 3 years and will not be able to retake the TOT training until certification has expired and will receive 3 BEP points.


The purpose of TOT is to review training standards and expectations including any changes made to most recent training documents.  The BEP trainer/staff schedules TOT meetings and the applicable promotional agent may attend this training.


There are two types of OJE and a specific document for each one – snack bar and vending.


The BEP trainer/staff reviews the entire OJE Evaluation Document including performance standards with the OJE trainer.  The following TOT material is covered:


1.      Review and discuss meaning of Best Team meetings, who should attend, and how many are held during the training session.



Selection and Training Guidelines

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2.      Review and discuss the scoring component of the training document.


3.      Review and discuss attendance expectations.


4.      Review and discuss proper dress attire and personal hygiene

standards, which are of critical importance.


5.      Review and discuss ServSafe standards, and reinforce behaviors learned during VST.


6.      Review and discuss expected hours of participation.


7.      Review and discuss homework assignments.


8.      Review and discuss participation in all aspects of day-to-day business.


9.      Review and discuss the resolution of conflicts related to personal behavior.


10.    Review and discuss the trainee’s journal.


11.    Review and discuss critical areas noted on the OJE evaluation.


12.    Review and discuss the need to involve the trainee in bookkeeping

exercises as well as monthly reporting documents.


13.    Review and discuss the need to involve the trainee in all local,

state and federal taxation responsibilities.


14.    Review and discuss the need to involve the trainee in all snack

bar small wares (e.g. fountain, panini grill, popcorn popper, etc.)


Selection and Training Guidelines

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15.    Review and discuss the need to involve trainee in all aspects of

vending machine operations including loading/preventative maintenance/sanitation.


16.    Review and discuss how to effectively score and monitor progress.


17.    Review and discuss with OJE trainer how to work with VR counselor,and method and amount of payment for service.


18.    Review and discuss all meal arrangements for trainee.


19.    Review and discuss all transportation arrangements for trainee.


20.    Review and discuss any questions by the OJE trainer.


Upon completion of TOT training, both the BEP trainer/staff and potential OJE trainer should have a thorough understanding of all OJE expectations and pertinent questions have been answered.


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