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please forward thanks Beth Rival
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From: The Seeing Eye, Inc.
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Subject: Dog Attack Survey Link

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            The Seeing Eye, Inc.

                  ***Please forward to other guide dog handlers in the United States and Canada***

                  Dear Fellow Guide Dog Handlers,
                  The previous email sent earlier today contained a period after the survey link that, for some systems, may have 
caused the link to fail. Below is the exact link you will need to visit to complete the survey:


                  For those of you who can't or don't want to take the survey online, you can call The Seeing Eye's main number, 
800-539-4425, and ask for extension 1520. You will be asked to leave your name and phone number, and a volunteer will call you to 
conduct the survey by telephone. The preferred method though is to take the survey online, so I ask you to utilize that method if at 
all possible.

                  We apologize for sending two messages to you today, but wanted to be sure that everyone has an opportunity to 
share their experiences related to this important issue.


                  Jim Kutsch
                  President & CEO
                  The Seeing Eye, Inc.


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