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Tonya Smith tonyasmith75 at live.com
Sun Dec 19 19:19:52 UTC 2010

Hi, I wanted to let everybody know that I like my telescopic cane. I had to. I had to really tighten it. So. It was stayed up straight because when I walked out the church and when I walked into the restaurant and in the parking lot. He kept on. I'm coming unlocked so I had to really tighten it to the maximum, I hate to say. And it seems fine now. So it's as tight as it will go and I'm just gonna keep it like that 'cause I tried to. Try to hold it when I'm in. I'm gonna hold it but I tried to un-lower when I needed to like when I got in the car and when I put the cane under the seat at church but. That part of the experiment worked but when I got to use it again, it wouldn't stay. it wouldn't stay locked. So, I had to, I had to, I had to tighten it to the maximum. So, I'm just not gonna take it to church with me anymore 'cause it won't stay locked. But. And plus even though does fit mostly under my chair only if the bottom sticks out Greg is. Afraid that. that it will trip people even though if the bottom, just a bit. Billy (sticks out?), you know, and goes to the 2nd chair which nobody sits there anyway. But so, yeah, I'm just gonna take it

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